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Celtic Slammed For Serving Awfully Tiny Pizza At Parkhead

Celtic Slammed For Serving Awfully Tiny Pizza At Parkhead

Things at Celtic Park have been going rather swimmingly as of late.

Ange Postecoglou’s side are currently top of the Premiership, playing some eye-catching football and dispatching their domestic opponents with relative ease.

Speaking of domestic opposition, they also trounced arch-rivals Rangers 4-0 back in September, a pretty neat bonus.

Additionally, UCL glamour is back at Parkhead after a long hiatus, which is enough to get the Green Brigade riled up.

Celtic are unbeaten at home under Ange Postecoglou

To surmise, Bhoys’ fans don’t have much to complain about.

Well, aside from some truly abysmal scran.

In recent years, Celtic Park has picked up a rather nasty reputation for serving outrageously poor food.

Far from taste-bud friendly, the food will have your wallet in a twist as well.

The prices are known to be exorbitantly high, especially in regard to the quality and portion sizes.

While this may have flown under the radar in the past, the heroes at @FootyScran have finally brought the embarrassing food out into the light, and it’s frankly difficult to look at.

On display is a ‘Pizza’ bearing the dimensions of a waffle, there are simply no layers, just a smattering of sauce and cheese, with 4 pieces of Pepperoni graciously sprinkled on top.

Oh, and it costs £6.40 by the way.

The bread is sure to be a gluten-induced nightmare, meaning that you’ll be biting into the bland dough for ages.

The box itself is vastly oversized for this minuscule pizza, how was this not a red flag in the kitchen?

The state of the scran is enough to inflame any Italian, and even the Scottish can’t bear to look at it.

Its massively undercooked appearance certainly doesn’t help jog the appetite either, and you can already tell it’s colder than Glasgow.

There’s plenty to lament about here, but we see a nifty opportunity, rope in Gordon Ramsay and give him a little tour around the venue, in fact just the concession stand will do.

On a more serious note, the fans are visibly displeased by the catering, and it’s time the club takes action, and at the very least, drops the premium prices.