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Fan Outrage Over Miley Cyrus’ New Teeth: Did She Go Overboard with Veneers?

Fan Outrage Over Miley Cyrus’ New Teeth: Did She Go Overboard with Veneers?

Miley Cyrus showed up for the 2024 Awards with a stunning dental makeover and teeth that got a lot of people talking. The pop star is normally someone who has not attracted that much attention for her dental structure, but her teeth looked so exceptionally white and glittering that the cameras nor social media could exactly ignore it.

Suddenly, rather than talk about her winning the ‘Record of the Year’ or her gorgeous golden attire, many people started to talk about Cyrus’ new teeth and debating over what really happened from how she normally looked.

Miley Cyrus is a popular pop singer cum TV star, who initially gained her fame and breakthrough in the popular Nickelodeon TV show ‘Hannah Montana’. It was the show that helped her tap into a singing career and she has since become a rather controversial, but successful singer with multiple hit albums.

Cyrus has had her share of thinking outside the box to attract popularity, like her decision to swing around naked on a wrecking ball in the music video of ‘Wrecking Ball’. Due to her quirky actions, Cyrus tends to go viral quite often and now it seems like she’s done that with a teeth makeover.

Now, celebrities reshaping their teeth or getting a new set of teeth isn’t exactly new or surprising. For example, Hollywood actors like George Clooney, Ed Helms and Chris Rock have all done dental implants to make their smiles all that more glittering or attractive.

Cyrus did not exactly seem to be one to ‘upgrade’ her teeth just for the camera, but it seems like the 2024 Grammys was a bit of a trigger event. She headed into the ceremony being nominated for multiple major awards and probably wanted to time her dental procedure to ensure that her ‘new look’ was debuted in front of millions that watched on TV.

But when Miley turned up to the Grammys’ red carpet with this new teeth style, photographers and onlookers alike were left stunned. She might’ve thought that this new transformation attracted a lot of appreciation, but it seems like quite the opposite has happened.

Most of the fans have criticized Cyrus for going overboard with her new teeth, which look too big and extremely shiny to look at.

Memes have gone galore comparing her with cartoon characters with big teeth or mocking her for looking almost scary with her massive new teeth. There have been cases of praises, but she has mostly been mocked for her new look.

The strong responses aren’t exactly surprising either, because this new style of teeth doesn’t really seem to suit Cyrus’ facial structure. Now, her teeth seem to look even bigger compared to her normal-sized lips and other facial features. It’s quite clear that she has done the procedure of adding a new set of veneers into her teeth for this event.

This is even more obvious when looking at previous pictures of her attending the Grammys ceremony. For example, when she attended the 2008 edition, Cyrus had a completely different appearance (she was also only 16) and she barely even showed her teeth in the red carpet pictures back then.

But, of course, the situation was different in her appearance for the 2024 Grammys. In this one, she’s almost like a seasoned veteran in the world of pop music and is expected to ‘look’ like a sensation, not just sing like one. So not only did she wear a beautiful dress and do some extravagant makeup, making her look ‘brighter’ than she did in 2008, Cyrus also did a dental job by inserting veneers into her mouth.

A veneer, for those unknowing, is a material that is placed over a tooth that can improve the function of a smile and also protect a tooth’s surface from damage. In the case of Cyrus, it’s rather clear that she got the veneers implanted on her teeth to make them shiny so as to make her look good in the Grammys.

Now, it’s not at all cheap to implant veneers – which can cost from $925-$2500 per tooth. Of course, for an artist whose latest album sold like hotcakes, that isn’t really an issue at all. But rather than just adding a bit of enhancement to her teeth, it seems like Cyrus added abnormally large veneers in an attempt to stand out from the rest.

Because a lot of smiling is involved for shows such as the Grammys, Cyrus probably wanted to get the ‘perfect teeth’ and avoid the possible humiliation of being mocked for her normal-sized teeth.  She might’ve been fearful that, at the age of social media, someone could’ve found perhaps something to mock about her normal teeth and whether the normal-sized teeth could make her smile look as glamorous as it would with the veneers.

What ended up happening is that Cyrus facial features now look almost abnormal because of her oversized dental structure. The pressures from social media influencers or millions watching probably forced her to try an experiment with her new teeth, but Miley has inadvertently ended up giving the people with more ammunition to mock her for many years to come.