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Why Is Martin Odegaard Called Miley Cyrus? Slander Name Explained

Why Is Martin Odegaard Called Miley Cyrus? Slander Name Explained

According to scientists, every person has about six doppelgangers in the world. Martin Ødegaard just found one of his and might not seem to mind at all.

Arsenal recently came face-to-face against the newly promoted Luton Town F.C. Even though Martin Ødegaard did not have a convincing game, Arsenal secured all 3 points in a surprising comeback. However, it seemed Ødegaard had a bigger surprise waiting for him off the field.

During the end of the second half of the match, an user posted a tweet pointing at the midfield clash between Ødegaard and Ross Barkley. However, this tweet stood out because it hilariously referred to the Norwegian midfielder as the famous American singer-songwriter, Miley Cyrus.

This tweet spread across social media like wildfire as people seem to unanimously approve the reference. People were surprised to recognize the uncanny similarity between them. They even made a collage of the duo. The blonde hair coupled with the prominently high cheekbones makes it difficult to overlook the resemblance.

This is not the first time that the internet has found Ødegaard’s lookalike. In the past, Ødegaard was tagged to be the twin of the former ‘Baywatch’ Star Erika Eleniak. The internet also pointed out the similarities between the Norwegian midfielder and the actor from Dark, Ludger Bökelmann.

Apparently, lookalikes are not that difficult to spot. The Internet has time and again identified the twins of various football stars. For instance, comparisons were drawn between Luka Modric and the French DJ, David Guetta highlighting their facial similarities.

Similarly, the resemblance between Harry Kane and Ryan Gosling has been a subject of discussion among fans. In another instance, the Bosnian basketball star Nihad Djedovic felt the need to formally announce that he isn’t actually Zlatan Ibrahimovic after growing tired of being tagged as the Swedish striker every day on social media.

These comparisons have become widespread memes and are often used humorously against the players. They’re frequently referred to by their doppelganger names within the football community as banter. For example, Martin Braithwaite is often humorously mocked as Chris Brown due to their facial resemblance. On the other hand, Aleksandr Golovin has acquired the slander name “Communist Kaka.”

Now the internet has Ødegaard’s slander name as well. However, if people tag you as a Miley Cyrus lookalike, Ødegaard should definitely take it as a compliment rather than a taunt. If a biopic is ever made on the Arsenal skipper in the future, perhaps we know who might be cast to portray him.

Featured Image Source: Twitter