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Fans Wonder When Stavros Halkias Fixed His Missing Tooth

Fans Wonder When Stavros Halkias Fixed His Missing Tooth

Stavros Halkias is a quality stand-up comedian whose missing tooth was probably famous for being used as a gag for jokes. The 34-year-old has a recognizable appearance of being the everyday overweight guy with a funny sense of humour, and he has since craved to fans’ pressure to fix his missing tooth.

While comedians are not expected to look as dashing as Tom Cruise, they are expected to at least be somewhat ‘well-groomed’ and a missing front tooth can often be a turn-off for some, who are grossed out by it. That is probably why the 34-year-old had to take action to allow his career to really take over after having to work hard to gain some popularity.

What Happened To Stavros Haikias’ Missing Tooth?

Halkias started gaining traction after he started making radio and podcast guest appearances, gaining a reputation for his clever jokes. He has written and performed for Adult Swim (which produces Rick and Morty) and also performed on the MSG Network’s People Talking Sports and Other Stuff. He also acted in the Comedy Central Stand Up Featuring as well as other internet shorts.

But Halkias really started to gain traction once he started acting as a co-host for the comedy podcast ‘Cum Town’ where he did improv comedy with host Nick Mullen. He was a part of the podcast from 2016 to 2022, when it ended and now has his own podcast named ‘Stavvy’s World’.

Stavros only started getting serious stand-up comedy gigs in 2022, when he released his first comedy special ‘Live at the Lodge Room’ on his YouTube channel and it reached two million views in three weeks. A year later, Netflix released his second comedy ‘Stavros Halkias: Fat Rascal’ on their platform to give him a huge popularity lift.

Halkias has often pointed a lot of jokes at his missing front tooth, which almost makes him come off as one of those bad guys from the old-age comedy movies. He actually released a comedy short on his missing tooth on his YouTube channel from a show in 2020, where Halkias describes how he lost his tooth.

It turns out that he suffered from a case of ‘Tooth Resorption’ where the body rejects a tooth as a self-defense mechanism following a traumatic event. Halkias joked that his body rejected it to stop him from eating himself to an early death. As he grew in popularity, people started to plead Halkias to fix his missing tooth to which he started a gag where he’d promise them he would get it done, but never actually do so.

When Did Haikias Get His Teeth Fixed?

He repeatedly tweeted that he would actually fix it, but the initial Covid-19 phase in 2020 probably stopped him from doing so. With that being said, Stavros has all of his teeth intact in his recent hit standup specials and it’s rather obvious that he did get them fixed by a seemingly very good dentist.

Halkias definitely got his dental work done before the release of ‘Live at the Lodge’ on June, 2022. He definitely didn’t do it in September 2020 after teasing it, stating that the implant to be inserted into the place of his missing tooth was too big and that he’d have to go back for it again.

Well, it turns out that he got it done sometime around September 2021 after a lot of teasing. To his credit, Starvos now looks almost like a new person with his newly inserted implant, so good that his newer fans probably won’t even realize that he once had a missing tooth without checking out his older work.

Halkias is on the ascendancy after the success of his newly released Netflix special and is now blessed with not having to go around with that gaping hole in his front teeth area caused by his missing tooth either.