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Internet Thinks Governor Phil Murphy Needs to Address His Teeth

Internet Thinks Governor Phil Murphy Needs to Address His Teeth

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has started grossing out people with his weird, disproportionate teeth that give a creepy vibe when he smiles for the camera. The US Politician has had quite the climb in the political scene in the country, having come a long way since serving as the United States Ambassador to Germany during President Barack Obama’s tenure.

Murphy has a lot of experience in the finance sector, having worked for 23 years for the American investment bank group Goldman Sachs – where he also held multiple high-level positions. After retiring from the company in 2006, he went on to secure a successful career in politics and has been the New Jersey Governor for the last six years – and is serving his second stint right now.

What Is The Talk Around Phil Murphy Teeth?

With that being said, Murphy does not have the most attractive appearance and has a strange set of teeth that he doesn’t really seem bothered with wanting to change either. His teeth weren’t exactly a topic of discussion during his initial years in politics when he looked quite normal and didn’t use to smile with all his teeth showing either.

However, his media duties have obviously been amplified since he became the New Jersey governor and he’s had to start smiling more often for the camera. This has resulted in some rather bizarre pictures of him coming to light which have ended up traumizing a lot of people.

There are a lot of people who are urging Murphy to start addressing his teeth and probably get something done in making it look normal. The 66-year-old does not seem to have anything already done on his teeth yet, and his weird teeth structure seems to be one caused probably by not taking proper care of his hygiene.

Why Governor Murphy Should Get His Teeth Fixed

Murphy has been accused of not brushing properly and how his decaying teeth structure might be a warning sign of what might happen if you don’t take proper care of your teeth. Murphy has notable holes, called Diastema, in between multiple teeth.

This can be fixed with a procedure from a dentist, who can basically remove the excess tissue in between the tooth gap and help make it more symmetrical and retain its original shape.

Considering how often he turns up smiling in front of the camera, Murphy should seriously consider getting a dental procedure done to get a ‘normal’ teeth structure and ensure that his teeth don’t look bigger than they are anymore.

Now, Murphy still has a few more years into his second term as the New Jersey Governor, but his physical appearance could be pivotal to deciding if he can serve a third term after this one. That is because the general population will always decide to vote and root for the candidate who looks better physically, and that stretches to how the candidate’s teeth look too.

So if the New Jersey Governor really wants to remain in his powerful position for many years to come, it’s perhaps high time he gets a dental job and fixes the shape of his strange teeth.