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How Tall is Rasmus Hojlund? Details of His Height and Comparison Photos

How Tall is Rasmus Hojlund? Details of His Height and Comparison Photos

Rasmus Hojlund has all the attributes to be a long-term success story at Manchester United, including an admirable height and towering persona that can make him a nice fit to the Premier League.

Now, the Danish international is also well-built enough to have a solid future as a centre-forward. Hojlund stands at a respectable 6’3’’ (6 feet and 3 inches tall) which is definitely an acceptable height for a forward in any league.

He normally tends to tower over most of the personalities that he meets or looking like quite the commanding figure in most pictures.

With Manchester United partners

Hojlund is among the tallest forwards in the Manchester United team and can look quite a few teammates look dwarves in comparison to his towering nature. In this picture, he is doing just that as he stands straight and makes nice use of his height, managing to show off his towering nature as compared to teammates Marcus Rashford and Alejandro Garnacho.

Facing Off With England’s Best

Hojlund also boasts a height advantage to some of the best that English football has to offer. In the match against Arsenal, one shot showed him managing to eclipse Declan Rice because of his towering build and looking quite commanding in doing so.

Posing With Family

Rasmus Hojlund is actually the oldest of three brothers and has an obvious height advantage over, with his younger brothers Emile and Oscar, who are currently playing for FC Copenhagen. The Danish forward is clearly like the ‘parent-figure’ for his brothers because of his loftness, towering over them and being an encouraging figure for them.

With The Media

Here, Hojlund seems to be using the best advantage of his impressive height and just towering over everyone else who came in for an interview piece with the United Stand. He’s the most commanding member of the group containing presenters Mark Goldbridge, Beth and cameraman Ryan. It seems like the Danish forward has become accustomed to being the tallest member of any group photo and that is probably why he looks so natural even while leaning well over everyone else.