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Gavin Newsom Has the Brightest Teeth in Politics – Are They Real or Fake?

Gavin Newsom Has the Brightest Teeth in Politics – Are They Real or Fake?

Gavin Newsom has come a long way in his political career over the last decade. Going from being the Lieutenant Governor to now the 40th Governor of California, he has had an unstoppable rise. Newsom also holds another impressive achievement which is having arguably the whitest set of teeth in the whole of California.

The 55-year-old is a former businessman turned politician. He used to run a winery in the Napa Valley before venturing into a political career in 1995. Newsom since made it his mission to venture into a political line and has had an unbelievable rise over the decades. He’s currently the most powerful politician in California, responsible for passing bills and making key decisions over the state.

He has gone to great lengths to get to where he is right now, and that involves changing up his physical appearance quite dramatically. One thing which really stands out from the Governor is his eye-catching teeth, which are almost surprisingly too white to be true.

Most eye catching teeth in politics?

One thing that really stands out for anyone who sees Newsom for the first time is his crazy clean teeth. He definitely doesn’t have the teeth of an ‘everyman’ and appears to have taken a special interest in looking the best possible way for the camera.

He actually might have the brightest teeth in politics and his dental state definitely outshines (literally) that of US President Joe Biden as well. His teeth has caught the attention of many people following his rise in the US Politics scene over the last decade or so.

Fans have literally complained about how his teeth can be seen from miles away and how he almost even looks like the titular character of the 1999 cult classic ‘Inspector Gadget’.

Hollywood comedian Sarah Silverman even slyly mocked Newsom about his weirdly shiny teeth during a mock interview in her ‘I Love You, America’ series in 2018, before he even became the California Governor. In one episode, she drew out the fanaticism about his teeth by saying, ‘I want to pick your brain about California and lick your teeth’, something that weirded out Newsom.

It’s clear that the fascination around his white teeth was a thing well before he actually became the most powerful person in California.

Are Gavin Newsom teeth even real?

There has been quite a lot of debate around the authenticity or originality of Newsom’s teeth. This is because of how ‘perfect’ his teeth seem to be and how they almost look too good to be true. But he isn’t the first or last US politician to use white teeth to his advantage in moving up the political scene.

Years ago, a study done by US-based teeth whitening services Lincoln Park Smiles showed that whiter teeth might actually be a key to success in moving up the US political scene. They indicated that the likes of Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barack Obama all gained an advantage in the Presidential race due to having whiter smiles than their opponents.

Joe Biden has also been accused of having a major teeth job done in order to move up to where he is right now. Teeth specialists have noted that his teeth are full of crowns, which is an artificial tooth inserted into the jawline of a person. The tooth range of a crown can cost between $500-$2000, and we’re ready to speculate that neither Biden nor any other politician will choose the cheaper ones.

The weird thing about Newsom is that he has appeared to have such bizarre white teeth from a very early part of his political career. Not many are ready to buy into a possibility of those teeth being real at all and that he must have regular work done on it.

He is likely to be getting regular teeth whitening procedures to keep that shiny smile in tact, The average cost of teeth whitening in California is around $575, but the laser-whitening treatment can cost up to $1200.

The 57-year-old doesn’t appear to be wearing any artificial teeth like Biden, but he has definitely had work done to keep his bright smile like it is now.

It’s safe to assume that he probably spends well over $1200 on a relatively regular basis to keep his teeth as white as humanly possible. Can you blame him? Newsom’s shiny teeth and attractive appearance have actually played a major role in helping him climb the political scene in the USA and become such a powerful person in California.

How Gavin Newsom has benefitted from his presentable appearance

There seems to be this unwritten universal law among the general people to vote for the more ‘attractive’ leader than an ordinary-looking person who actually might be promising better change and evolution for their country. A study by MIT (Massachusetts Insititute of Technology) in 2010 found that a political candidate’s physical appearance can often influence the thinking of voters.

As part of their study, the MIT researchers took some photos of political candidates from Brazil and Mexico, showing them to voters in the USA, India and Mexico. In India and the USA, the voters chose the same (better-looking candidate) 75% of the time despite having little idea about their reputation or political work.

Going by this kind of study, you can’t exactly blame someone like Gavin Newsom for spending thousands of dollars to ‘glow up’ their appearance. This is exactly after some Fox News presenters even recently tipped him to be a possible future US president going by his good looks and shiny teeth.