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Chelsea Midfielder Enzo Fernandez Has The Whitest Teeth In Football Right Now

Chelsea Midfielder Enzo Fernandez Has The Whitest Teeth In Football Right Now

Chelsea midfielder Enzo Fernandez is not only among the best young players in World Football, but he also has a decent shout at having the best set of teeth in the game. 

The 22-year-old has enjoyed a stellar rise to the top in recent years, beginning with his transfer to Benfica from River Plate. 

Enzo made an instant impression in the Liga NOS, he attracted the attention of clubs and scouts alike, including the interest of Chelsea, his future employers. 

He then brought his A-game to the Qatar World Cup and reinvigorated Argentina’s midfield, eventually picking up the title of ‘Best young player’ alongside the coveted honor of ‘World Champion’.

Naturally, his price tag hit an all-time high after the World Cup, but this did little to wade off Chelsea’s interest.

The Blues navigated through tense negotiations with Benfica to secure a record £107 million deal for Fernandez.

While there’s a lot more to come from the young midfielder, his outings in Chelsea Blue thus far have been more than positive. 

The 22-year-old has delivered a string of consistent performances, he also picked up two immaculate assists in the process. 

His excellent passing range and strong tackling prowess have already caught the eyes of the Blues faithful, and they simply cannot wait for Fernandez to hit top form. 

Aside from his style of play, the Argentina International’s pearly white teeth have also made an impression on fans, with many claiming that the midfielder has the best teeth in all of Football. 

As many have pointed out, the young midfielder’s teeth are extremely white in color, with no blemishes visible at all. 

Whenever Enzo is spotted cracking a smile, his teeth immediately stand out, and the reason for this is not solely due to their whiteness.

The alignment of his teeth looks to be similarly flawless, as the teeth on both his upper and lower jaws look to be placed perfectly. 

His gleaming smile is easily the most stand-out feature of his appearance, and naturally, fans have taken notice. 

While his snowy grin is certainly worthy of praise, one can’t help but wonder whether it’s all-natural. 

Are Enzo Fernandez’s teeth real or fake?

Unless South American households place extreme importance on dental hygiene, it is likely that Fernandez’s teeth are indeed fake. 

While there are no confirmed reports regarding this, some reputable sources have suggested that the midfielder wears veneers.

Among said sources is Dr. Sara, who runs a popular TikTok account by the name of ‘Veneercheck’.

As per her evaluation, Fernandez wears a veneer on his upper teeth, while the bottom half remains his natural teeth. 

To ensure that his veneer doesn’t stick out, Enzo appears to have gotten his bottom teeth bleached, which is likely the reason behind their whiteness. 

The TikTok provided further confirmation for what most fans already suspected, the midfielder does indeed have veneers.

Of course, this doesn’t take away from the fact that Enzo Fernandez’s teeth are still among the best in Football.