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Did Antonio Conte Get A Hair Transplant? A Timeline Of His Hair Transformation

Did Antonio Conte Get A Hair Transplant? A Timeline Of His Hair Transformation

Antonio Conte’s hair is a topic of a lot of fascination among football fans. Mostly it’s because his current hairdo isn’t exactly natural. See, the Italian manager suffered from a case of male baldness at a relatively early age in his life.

Even during his playing career, where he enjoyed major success with Juventus. Indeed, the Italian midfielder won five Serie A titles as well as the Champions League – making over 400 appearances for the Bianconeri.

But towards the end of the 1990s, when he was still in his late twenties, Conte started to experience major hair loss and baldness.

Throwback pictures of him playing for Juventus and the Italian national team can show him with a huge bald spot on his head, with little hair covering things up.

How did Conte regrow his hair?

Incidentally, Conte actually had a stylish hairstyle early in his career and was quite the looker in the 80s, when he used to play for Lecce. But as he moved into his late 20s, the Italian started losing a lot of hair and had to resort to hair transplant surgery.

He started to lose hair towards the end of the 90s and decided to take medical help to bring back his hair. Conte is thought to have had his first hair transplant in 2000.

That’s because of a sudden change in his appearance from how he looked in 1999 as compared to him having a lot of hair in Euro 2000 – when playing for Italy.

Before and After comparison photos of Antonio Conte after undergoing a hair transplant

However, that surgery wasn’t really a success.

He is thought to have undergone FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) for his first transplant. This is an invasive form of surgery, where a strip of flesh from a person’s head is removed.

That flesh is then implanted into incisions in the area that is affected by hair fall. However, this is actually bad for a person as it leaves a noticeable scar on the area from where the flesh has been removed.

Did Conte ever go fully bald?

Soon after his first transplant, Conte started to lose his hair once again. He retired as a professional footballer in 2004 and decided to under the radar slightly to transition into football management.

In 2007, Conte became the manager of the fourth-division Italian side Arezzo.

A picture of him as the team’s manager shows him fully bald with no hair on his scalp at all. However, a better look at his head can show him having undergone another form of hair transplant.

It appears that Conte underwent a third surgery, which is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) which isn’t an invasive surgery. Unlike the FUT, this leaves no visible scar on the head of the person.

How many hair transplants did Conte have?

The Italian gaffer climbed the ranks as a manager in his home country to take over as the Juventus manager in 2011. He went on to guide them to multiple Serie A titles and help start their reign of dominance in Italy.

However, in 2012, Conte also had a head full of luscious hair. He showcased a back brush style and it appeared that his decade-long attempts at hair transplant finally born some fruit.

The Italian is rumored to have traveled to Canada for his third transplant surgery after the first two were fully successful.

The third time ended up being a charm for him, as Conte has not been affected by hair fall or anything over the last decade or so.

He’s currently aiming to help Tottenham end their season strongly and looks set to return to Italy, where his managerial career started in the first place.