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Davy Klaassen Becomes Football’s Latest Hair Transplant Success Story

Davy Klaassen Becomes Football’s Latest Hair Transplant Success Story

Inter Milan recently clashed against Lazio in their 16th Serie A league match. Yet, the real discussion of the game wasn’t about Simone Inzaghi or his team’s 2-0 victory—it was about his midfielder, Davy Klaassen.

Klaassen grabbed all the attention as he stepped on to the pitch as a substitute with a head full of shiny, golden-brown hair.

The former Ajax midfielder, who was once infamously tagged as Erik Ten Hag‘s lost twin for his sparse hairline, has undergone quite the transformation. And as it turns out, he is quite the stud now.

Irregular lifestyles and unhealthy diets have significantly boasted the recurrence of hair loss among the newer generation. Consequently, surgical hair transplants have become quite frequent nowadays.

Many footballing figures, including Antonio Conte, Rob Holding, Gabriel Magalhaes, and Ter Stegen, have gone under the needle for the same. Apparently, Klaassen has joined this list as well.

Davy, now in his 30s, has suffered from severe hair loss for quite some time now.

He notably exhibited early signs of baldness when he infamously stood out as the only player in the Werder Bremen squad during the 2018/19 season having minimal hair to no hair.

The internet speculated that the midfielder suffered from albinism or alopecia. For these reasons, he looked quite old for his age even when he was in his early 20s. This was a major blow to his self-confidence and he was not okay with it.

And rightfully so, these issues always have an impact on one’s confidence. Therefore, Klaassen made a difficult decision to undergo hair transplant surgery to transform himself.

The fanbuzz about the potential surgery began a couple of months ago when his recent pictures hinted at a major improvement in his original hairline and his hairs appeared to be more noticeable.

However, the midfielder put an end to all the speculation as he stepped onto the pitch with a head full of dense hair.

Reportedly, the former Ajax player underwent the unique FUE CT hair transplant at the Amsterdam Hair Institute. After five months post-surgery, the results finally became noticeably prominent in his latest appearance.

In an interview a couple of months ago, Davy Klaassen publicly addressed the topic of his hair transplant, acknowledging the surgery.

“This week a photo of my hair came up, I think at Internazionale Then I really got a lot of messages,”. Referencing to various photos of the midfielder that surfaced on featuring the midfielder with a fuller head of hair.

“I had it done 4.5 months ago, but now everyone sees it,” says Klaasen. “Now you’re really starting to see that it’s going to grow. First you get a phase where it falls out, but now it’s going to be a real coup.”

In retrospect, the midfielder did agree that it was indeed an expensive decision.

“You pay per hair,” Klaassen explains. “It was expensive, haha. I had it done in the Netherlands, which is a bit more expensive. In Istanbul you can do it for fifty cents per hair follicle. For me it was two euros per hair follicle.”

The surprising transformation of the midfielder has got the internet talking. Even several Inter Milan fans found it challenging to recognize their own midfielder as he apparently looked ‘changed’ and ‘younger’.

Some people have humorously linked his baldness to the stress he had to endure during his time at Ajax under Erik Ten Hag. They opined that leaving the Eredivisie has seemingly reversed his hair loss magically.

Davy Klaassen joined Internazionale in September 2023. His recent transformation has left people wondering if he took a brief detour to Turkey before arriving in Italy. This speculation stems from the fact that Turkey is the preferred destination for footballers undergoing these hair surgeries.

Additionally, a recent photo featuring Klaassen alongside Hakan Çalhanoğlu and Denzel Dumfries resurfaced on the internet again. This prompted people to wonder whether Hakan might have been the inspiration behind Klaassen’s hair surgery in Turkey. Given Hakan’s Turkish nationality, their speculations are justified. But little did they know that Klassen opted for a Dutch clinic rather.

Incidentally, Klaassen was nicknamed “Kaasstengel” (piece of cheese) in the Netherlands because of his short stature and the sparse blond hairline. That’s probably a thing of the past now.