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How Much Did It Cost Marc-Andre Ter Stegen To Get A Hair Transplant?

How Much Did It Cost Marc-Andre Ter Stegen To Get A Hair Transplant?

Losing hair as we age is a natural part of life. Whether as a result of heredity, stress, or other circumstances, this is becoming increasingly prevalent, and many people choose to remain silent about it, but it is a common occurrence. This brings insecurities, and to battle them comes hair transplant. As transplants become more normalised, more people can feel comfortable knowing there is no shame in getting it done.

That is the situation with football players, a group of individuals who are constantly subjected to the spotlight and cameras, and they are no longer hiding it. More and more sportsmen have been seen with drastic hairstyle alterations. They quickly go from having thin hair or no hair at all to having thick man buns and other in-vogue hairstyles.

It came into the spotlight in English football when Wayne Rooney announced on July 4, 2011, that he had had a hair transplant treatment. Following him, we saw other celebrities like David Silva, Andros Townsend, Jurgen Klopp, and more recently, Rob Holding get a transplant.

The newest case of the hair transplant is Barcelona’s Marc-Andre Ter Stegen. At the age of 30, the goalkeeper emerged after the World Cup with a head full of hair, and everything seems to point to his being the most recent athlete to have the therapy. He has yet to corroborate the report.

The German apparently underwent the treatment at an Istanbul facility, which is recognised for being among the most economical in Europe. According to reports, he paid roughly €7,000 for the surgery, which is a reasonable price when contrasted with others in the sector, especially in the transplant haven of Turkey.

One reason why Turkey is so famous for this is that they have many highly skilled and experienced hair transplant surgeons. Additionally, Turkey has a relatively low cost of living compared to many other countries, which allows clinics to offer hair transplant procedures at a lower price than in many other countries. This combination of skill and low cost has made 

Turkey is an attractive destination for people looking to get a hair transplant.

His incredible form this season has been attributed to his recent hair transplant. The German goalkeeper has been instrumental in Barcelona’s success this season.

Ter Stegen began to display an unbelievable degree of competence following his transplant, leading fans to question his additional brilliance when under pressure.

Ter Stegen has only allowed six goals in 17 La Liga games this season. If his current success continues, Barcelona might beat Jose Mourinho’s record at Chelsea, when the Blues surrendered only 15 goals in a season.

If so happens, Barcelona may very well want to offer a new clause in the keeper’s contract, one which pays for all hair transplants and upkeep from here on.