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Why Morphed Images of Jonjo Shelvey with Hair are Circulating

Why Morphed Images of Jonjo Shelvey with Hair are Circulating

Not many people might be familiar with the name Jonjo Shelvey. Fans who know him will also be unfamiliar if they see his recent morphed pictures of him with long hair. So, what’s the fuss about his hair?

 Jonjo Shelvey was born on February 27, 1992, in Romford, England. He started playing soccer as a kid with Arsenal but later joined Charlton Athletic’s youth team. In April 2008, he made his professional debut for Charlton, and at that time, he was the youngest player ever to do so. 

Then, in May 2010, Jonjo Shelvey signed with Liverpool. He played his first Premier League game for Liverpool in May 2011 and stayed with the team for a few seasons, making 47 appearances and scoring twice.  

He would also play for a number of other Premier League clubs post-Liverpool days, such as Swansea City, Newcastle United, and most recently Nottingham Forest. The central midfielder has also represented England at various youth levels and has made 6 appearances for the senior national team. 

However, his days in England are over as he has joined the Turkish club, Caykur Rizespor, on loan from Nottingham Forest after his unhappy spell and this is exactly why we are seeing heaps of Jonjo Shelvey’s long hair images on X.  

For people who don’t know, Turkey is known for its hair transplant industry. In recent years, Turkey has become a popular destination for individuals seeking hair transplant procedures. The country offers a combination of high-quality medical services, skilled hair transplant surgeons, and competitive prices, making it an attractive choice for people from around the world looking to address hair loss through transplantation. 

Istanbul, in particular, is a hub for hair transplant clinics and has gained a reputation as a global center for hair restoration procedures. As a result, British humor took no time to connect the dots and now we have a new meme.  

How did Jonjo Shelvey lose his hair?

The reason why the meme is so evidently obvious is because of the fact nobody has seen Jonjo Shelvey with hair. The reason for that however is a sad story, to say the least.  

When Jonjo Shelvey was a baby, he fell down a staircase, and the trauma it caused according to him contributed to his alopecia, a condition that causes hair loss. To address it, he was given a cream and advised to wear a woolly hat while sleeping for a month, but he stopped the treatment because it was uncomfortable for him.