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Former Chelsea player Demba Ba appears to have grown thick mop of hair now

Former Chelsea player Demba Ba appears to have grown thick mop of hair now

Football fans were left shell-shocked when Demba Ba, a former Chelsea player, appeared on the sidelines of the recent Premier League fixture between Chelsea and Manchester United at Stamford Bridge.

However, it was not so much his appearance on screen as the appearance of a thick mop of hair on him that caught people’s attention. Speaking to a Bein Sports correspondent before the game, Demba Ba is sporting stylish hair never seen before on him. 

And soon enough, Twitter was abuzz with fans noticing the obvious change. Some users appeared surprised, suggesting the former striker had had a hair transplant. Others were of the opinion that he chose to be voluntarily bald, which was all the more surprising. 

Although a cursory search online reveals that Ba was not necessarily bald, at least during the initial days in his career. What is more surprising is that he can be seen sporting hair, although not as thick as the one currently, even during his time at Shanghai Shenhua, which came as recently as in 2015.

Perhaps the reason for the bald theory stems from his playing days in the Premier League, a time when he was at his professional peak. During those times, Ba was never seen with a patch of hair. No wonder fans would naturally think he was bald.   

No doubt, Demba Ba never sported a patch of hair for the majority of his career, which makes the out-of-the-blue appearance of a thick mop bizarre, to say the least. But that truth is, however laughable, Ba chose to remain bald of his own accord. And for what’s worth, he pulled off the bald look quite well.