Twitter beef between Jamie Carragher and Rio Ferdinand spirals out of control before wholesome ending

Rio Ferdinand and Jamie Carragher were involved in a heated Twitter debate

Yesterday’s Super Sunday clash between Chelsea and Manchester United finished in a draw, luckily for us that wasn’t the end of the day’s entertainment as another heavyweight encounter took place right after the game between Premier league legends Jamie Carragher and Roy Keane.

The two pundits got into a heated debate over the purpose of Cristiano Ronaldo’s transfer to the Red Devils, with a passion-fuelled Carragher even hitting his signature octave as he deflected Keane’s argument.

While there seemed to be no aftermath to this war of words except the usual memes and Twitter arguments, Rio Ferdinand had other plans in mind.

Rio was quick to stand up for his former Captain, hitting back at Carra on “Rio Ferdinand Presents FIVE”.

The former United defender argued that perhaps Carragher’s opinion on winning Premier League titles is irrelevant since he never managed to win one himself in his 17-year long career.

Carra retorted with equal ferocity. Reminding Rio that he won no league titles after Sir Alex’s retirement, which apparently acted as an incentive for Ferdinand to try and move to rivals Chelsea.

Both the pundits seemed to have pulled no punches in this vicious back and forth.

Fortunately, the duo seemed to have reconciled, with Rio saying that his initial comments were a mere nibble at the former Liverpool man, intended to cause some fun and mischief and that at the end of the day it was all love.

A wholesome end to a ruthless battle.

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