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Harry Kane makes classy gesture for unlucky Tottenham fan couple from America

Harry Kane makes classy gesture for unlucky Tottenham fan couple from America

No doubt, it’s always a disappointing affair for sports fans when they come prepared for a thrilling experience yet end up leaving disappointed because the match got cancelled for one reason or the other.

Now, imagine travelling across continents and countries, flying across the Atlantic to see a football match, only for it to get cancelled at the last moment.

In a cruel twist of fate, that is what precisely happened when a couple from Dallas, United States, flew over to Burnley in Lancashire, the UK hoping to catch the Premier League action between Spurs and Burnley at Turf Moor.

The couple, who are Tottenham fans, endured a mammoth 31-hours journey before arriving at Burnley on Saturday the 27th of November.

Unfortunately, nature had a different plan in store, for a heavy blizzard brought on by Storm Arwen began descending upon the field at Turf Moor the next day when the match was scheduled.

Even so, things seemed normal, and the skies were more or less clear that morning. However, once they arrived at the stadium, snowflakes seemed to have begun to sweep in.

The ground staff did their best at clearing the field to get the match going, but eventually, the match got called off at short notice.

Disappointment for the couple, to say the least. Fortunately, not all was lost for the American duo. After coming to know of the situation, Spurs vice-captain Harry Kane reached out to them via Twitter, inviting them as his guest for a Spurs home game whenever they were in London.

Responding to the striker’s offer, the duo responded on Twitter: “Cheers Harry and not necessary at all, but we would enjoy taking you up on the offer.”

Now that’s the kind of silver lining we live for.