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Twitter reacts as balding Rob Holding rocks full head of hair

Twitter reacts as balding Rob Holding rocks full head of hair

Arsenal supporters were in for a surprise after having noticed a peculiar development concerning one of their players.

Rob Holding’s appearance seems to have taken a complete u-turn, taking note of which Gooners flooded to social media en masse, proffering celebratory reactions and puns.

Images have surfaced of the 26-year-old defender with a full head of hair, unlike when his hairline had been steadily receding in the past before he shaved it off outright.

Now, with a hair transplant evidently in place, a successful one at that, Holding seems like a new person altogether.

Images of Holding with a better hairline have appeared as far back as October, but the recent picture of him from the training grounds with a longer hairstyle has set the internet abuzz.

As one fan wrote, the growing back of hair on Holding’s scalp is the greatest comeback since Istanbul; a reference to Liverpool’s iconic Champions League final win against AC Milan in 2005.

One such joke was made along the lines of the hair’s redemption deserving an award of its own. 

Gunners fans were also quick to associate the growth of hair with Arsenal’s own struggles, suggesting that the club would never achieve a comeback greater than that of Holding’s hairline.

Other jokes were references to the defender looking like someone new. A new youngster, as pointed out by a fan, who’d been doing the rounds of Arsenal training ground at Colney. 

Despite not having played much this season, Holding had a major involvement from the bench during Arsenal’s fixture against Leeds.

The defender had notified the fourth official about the alleged racial abuse hurled at two Arsenal players on the dugout by a Leeds supporter, earning him wide plaudits from fans and players alike.