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Why Jurgen Klopp’s hand sanitiser comment caused a stir

Why Jurgen Klopp’s hand sanitiser comment caused a stir

A thrilling game between Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool ended in a 2-2 stalemate. The end to end affair was unfortunately mired in controversy due to some questionable refereeing decisions.

If there’s one person who always lets his displeasure be known it’s Jurgen Klopp.

Throughout the game, the German manager confronted the officials not once but twice, he even received a booking for expressing dissent on the touchline.

It was evident that Klopp was in a foul mood with his annoyance only increasing after the full-time whistle.

After a post-match interview in which he suggested that referee Paul Tierney might have it in for him, Klopp proceeded to the Spurs Media room for his post-match press conference.

And his agitation further amplified, this time, however, due to non-footballing reasons.

After taking a seat, Klopp quickly pointed out the absence of a hand sanitiser, he said, “I really think in this room there should be hand sanitiser.”

“I honestly think that would be good. You know, you had around about 13 cases or whatever. I have to touch a chair.”

His comments received mixed reactions from fans on social media, mostly due to their nitpicky nature of them.

Perhaps Klopp’s irritation due to the many decisions that went against his side took hold of him, leading to the German complaining about sanitiser.

Users on Twitter quickly retorted and pointed out that hand sanitiser was indeed present and in fact was right by the door, and Klopp simply missed it.

The German manager is generally known for complaining about a wide array of things, especially after a bad result.

Furthering that reputation, these remarks led to some brutal replies by users on Social media.

Twitterati reminded Klopp of a bit of negligence on his part as well, after all the German didn’t wear a mask or take any precautions himself.