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Jurgen Klopp and Son Heung-min show what true sportsmanship is

Jurgen Klopp and Son Heung-min show what true sportsmanship is

Last night, Premier League heavyweights Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool delivered a potential game of the season contender.

The 2-2 thriller will surely go down as a Premier League classic and as it happens so often, the game did get bogged down in controversy due to certain refereeing decisions.

Offical Paul Tierney’s decision to send off Liverpool fullback Andy Robertson after a challenge on Emerson Royal, in particular, had Liverpool fans fuming.

Even before the red card, tensions had begun to boil over with Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp forcing a confrontation in the tunnel at halftime with the officials, the reason being Tierney’s decision to not brandish a red card for Harry Kane for a studs-up challenge on Robertson.

The English official further incurred the wrath of Klopp after dismissing a strong penalty shout without a review, and it all came to a climax after the final whistle.

As the whistle rang out indicating the end of the game, it became clear Klopp had a bit more on his mind than mere post-match pleasantries.

The German carried a hint of intent in his stride and a final altercation with the officiating staff looked inevitable.

However, this was delayed due to a rather light-hearted exchange between Klopp and Son Heung-min.

The South Korean international scored the crucial equalizer for Spurs and also put in a strong performance, business as usual for the number 7.

And if this exchange is anything to go by, it would seem that Klopp is a fan too.

While the words being exchanged between the pair remain inaudible to us, it would not be farfetched to suggest that Klopp potentially offered Son some comments of praise.

The exchange ended as the two let out a huge laugh before heading in different directions, leading to Liverpool fans speculating about a potential transfer next season.

Although unlikely, especially with the long-term contract he signed earlier this year is considered.

In any case, it was heartwarming to see an opposition player and manager come together to share a laugh amidst all the commotion the game brought about.