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The optical illusion that made Ryan Fraser look like a toddler

The optical illusion that made Ryan Fraser look like a toddler

Manchester City romped up a valuable win against relegation candidate Newcastle United in a no-contest affair at St. James’ Park on Sunday. 

The ease with which Pep Guardiola’s men scored 4 goals past the Magpies was the stuff of dreams; the scoreline embarrassing enough for home supporters to lose interest quite outrightly.

But for a bizarre ‘optical illusion’ produced during the game which left fans scratching their heads, interest in the fixture remained even long after it ended.

Competing for the ball in the opponent’s box, Newcastle’s Ryan Fraser ran into incoming goalkeeper Ederson and the two crumpled into a heap on the floor before Joan Cancelo ushered the ball away.

Images of the collision captured and shared online, however, looked as though Fraser was a diminutive figure, almost appearing the size of a toddler, especially when compared against the outstretched body of Ederson who appeared twice his size.     

Cancelo’s towering figure in the picture adds weight to the claim of Fraser’s appearance, who looks way too petite to seem believable.

Fans were left gobsmacked with the image on Twitter.

However, the ‘optical illusion’ might have much to do with Fraser’s actual body measurements. The 27-year old winger stands at a meagre 1.63m. In contrast, both Ederson and Cancelo are 1.88m and 1.82m respectively.

Caught up between two towering figures, it’s no surprise that Fraser ended up looking tinier than he actually is. Nevertheless, the images surely make for one funny story.