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‘Art when Gerrard does it’ – Twitter calls out hypocrisy over Harry Kane’s tackle

‘Art when Gerrard does it’ – Twitter calls out hypocrisy over Harry Kane’s tackle

Tottenham’s 2-2 draw against Liverpool was a contentious affair, the game producing dubious refereeing decisions that left things up for debate long after it had ended.

Spurs vice-captain Harry Kane, who scored the game’s first goal, found himself caught in the crossfire of arguments surrounding one decisive moment which came soon after his opener.

Vying for the ball from Andy Robertson, the English striker lunged at the Scotsman, bringing him down without having contacted the ball in the process.

Although shown a yellow card by referee Paul Tierney, there was a general consensus among onlookers that Kane’s challenge was deserving of a red, with Klopp and his cohorts fervidly demanding the same.

As things stood, Kane remained on the pitch and the match concluded in a draw, somewhat to the dismay of Red supporters, who were left to fume on social media.

Countering the claims, however, Spurs supporters were quick to jump in on the debate. 

Harry Kane did it, but Steven Gerrard got away too

Showcasing a video compilation of Steven Gerrard’s tackles, wherein the Liverpool legend can be seen making some aggressive challenges, Spurs supporters seemed to rationalize Kane’s challenge on Robertson.

The two-minute video of Gerrard had gone viral on Twitter hours before the game but was brought to the limelight again thanks to Spurs supporters. 

Used as a reference to justify Kane’s tackle, they have shared the clip in an alleged attempt to establish the double standards of Red supporters, who were smitten with Gerrard’s tackles but thought otherwise of Kane’s.

Whatever the developments, there’s no denying that the match between Liverpool and Tottenham was fraught with refereeing blunders, much to the chagrin of both sets of fans.