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Fans Convinced Balding Bernardo Silva Had a Hair Transplant

Fans Convinced Balding Bernardo Silva Had a Hair Transplant

Footballers have long been associated with unconventional and eye-catching hairstyles, and who can really blame them?

We’ve witnessed numerous footballers donning hairdos throughout their careers that push the boundaries of style. Now, with the intersection of football and fashion on social media platforms like Instagram, players are constantly seeking to maintain a polished appearance, starting with their perfect hairstyle.

But what about the hairstyles if they start to bald? At the end of the day, they are just men and will sooner or later they are bound suffer from hair loss.

However, modern medicine does have rescue solutions for that, which will include artificially grafting hair strands into our bald spots, or popularly known as hair transplants.

Numerous celebrated footballers, such as Davy Klaassen, Ter Stegen, David Silva, and Rob Holding, have reportedly opted for hair transplant surgeries, and the results are immaculate.

Beyond mere aesthetics, these procedures serve as significant personal boosts for individuals who may feel self-conscious about their hair loss. When constantly playing in front of tens of thousands of spectators and with cameras always capturing their every move, this issue of self-confidence plays a damping role in on-field performance. Consequently, such treatment procedures have become increasingly common among celebrities nowadays.

Another such name who is the subject of speculation regarding a hair transplant is the midfielder from Manchester City, Bernardo Silva.

Did Bernardo Silva indeed get under the needle ?

Bernardo Silva always had an understated demeanor in the squad. Unlike many others, he doesn’t typically attract attention for extravagant flamboyance but has always garnered appreciation for his work ethic and undeniable talent on the field.

Bernardo Silva, currently in his late 20s, has struggled with premature hair loss since his days at Benfica. Even though he was just 19 back then, Silva chose to maintain a simple short buzz cut. Even then, his hairline displayed signs of recession, indicative of his early balding.

Over time, Bernardo Silva’s hair loss has become more pronounced, with noticeable changes in the density of his hair becoming evident over the last couple of seasons.

Despite some growth in hair length, balding became increasingly apparent. His hairline receded at the temples, and the density of hair on top noticeably decreased. Consequently, even in his 20s, Silva appeared older than his years, and we, as users, became accustomed to it.

During the preseason of the 2023/24 season, Bernardo Silva surprised many when he was photographed with a completely bald head. This sudden transformation sparked speculation that the midfielder may have undergone, or was considering, a hair transplant procedure.

It’s common knowledge that a hair transplant requires shaving the head before implanting the hair grafts. Given Silva’s decision to shave his head during the break between two consecutive seasons, it seemed plausible to speculate that he had indeed considered surgery.

However, nothing concrete has emerged regarding the transplant from the player or any other source. These are merely speculations.

Some individuals have raised objections to these speculation, pointing out the odd timing of the suspected transplant in relation to his marriage. They argue that it would have made more sense for Silva to undergo such a procedure before his wedding day rather than immediately afterward.

Bernardo Silva tied the knot with model Ines Tomaz on July 2, 2023. Given this timing, their arguments do seem justified, as it’s more conventional for individuals to address personal grooming concerns before significant life events such as a wedding.

But then again, photos of the midfielder after the onset of the 23/24 campaign following his shaved head do point to something fishy because the change in hair is noticeable.

Hair transplant treatments typically require several months before yielding noticeable results. Therefore, the most effective method to confirm any surgery would be to allow Silva’s hair to grow out fully. After a few months, if we observe a complete head of hair, we already know the reason behind it.

What is the typical cost of these transplants?

Given how his Manchester City former midfield compatriot and namesake David Silva got his hair transplant and the increasing trend among footballers opting for similar procedures, it wouldn’t be surprising to speculate that Bernardo Silva might have followed suit.

While it hasn’t been disclosed from where Bernardo Silva underwent a hair transplant, if at all. But it’s worth noting that Turkey is widely recognized as a popular destination for such procedures among footballers.

Now there are a couple of transplant methods, but the more popular one is the Follicular unit extraction [FUE] method. This minimally invasive procedure involves extracting healthy hair follicles from the donor area, typically the sides and back of the head, and then implanting them into the areas experiencing hair loss.

FUE can be performed manually or robotically, utilizing advanced technology such as cameras and robotic arms, which represent cutting-edge innovations in the field. It’s reasonable to speculate that Silva may have opted for this method if he underwent a hair transplant.

Hair transplant procedures can be expensive sometimes based on multiple factors. In Turkey, the average cost per graft typically ranges between $0.8 and $1.2. Depending on the number of grafts required, individuals may incur expenses totaling around $5,000 to $6,000. However, for a professional footballer like Bernardo Silva, who earns upwards of $10.0 million annually as a Manchester City player, investing in such a procedure could be considered a relatively small price to pay for the restoration of both his hair and confidence.

But then again, we have no confirming details about such procedures from the midfielder. It’s entirely plausible that his apparent hair transformation could simply be attributed to the expertise of a skilled barber or a good hair growth treatment routine that started to yield results, and we mistook it for a transplant.

Whatever the reason behind it, Bernardo Silva undeniably looks great with his fuller hairstyles. However, he should exercise caution to ensure that this newfound confidence doesn’t overshadow his on-field performance. After all, a bald Bernardo Silva played a crucial role in Manchester City’s treble-winning 2022/23 season. Now, if Pep Guardiola’s team fails to secure silverware this season, Silva might find himself compelled to shave his head back.