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Why Luis Suarez Wore a DEBUT Logo on his Inter Miami Kit?

Why Luis Suarez Wore a DEBUT Logo on his Inter Miami Kit?

Luis Suarez made his debut for David Beckham‘s club, Inter Miami, in the USA – thereby joining his old Blaugrana club mates in the likes of Messi, Alba and Busquets.

However, a patch of writing, featuring the word “DEBUT” on the Uruguayan’s jersey has caught the attention of MLS fans worldwide.

In fact, even Inter Miami fans have been wondering what could the word on the striker’s chest possibly imply – even though its obvious that he is making his debut!

Suarez moved to Intern Miami from the Brazilian side, Gremio, in the December of ’23.

In Gremio, the ex Barcelona and Liverpool sensation scored 24 goals in 42 appearances – rookie numbers for a striker who scored world class goals for Premier League and La Liga top flight teams, Liverpool and Barcelona respectively, back in the days.

Fans have speculated that the only possible reason for the striker’s switch from football to soccer, is the sheer power of nostalgia and friendship.

No wonder football lovers and culers in particular, loved Suarez’s involvement in the second goal as he laid the ball to Diego Gomez’s path for the goal, following Messi’s through to Suarez.

Besides the goal, the aforementioned “DEBUT” logo has also been a hot topic for fans.

Significance of the “DEBUT” logo ?

Sources suggest this is the first time that in an attempt to bring the players and fans closer, Inter Miami and Topps have collaborated to tag the “DEBUT” on the jerseys of players debuting in MLS, irrespective of the players’ origin – home grown or outsider.

Later on, the logo would be taken out and the kit managers would be responsible for sending the logos to Topps for their insertion in Topps’ 1/1 trading cards.

Inter Miami kicked off the 2024 MLS season with the last match against Real Saltlake, after having played a series of friendlies – including the ones against Neymar’s Al Hilal and Cristiano’s Al Nassr.

Having signed for Beckham’s side in December, Suarez was preserved by the US club to debut directly in a competitive game.

It was a day later (22nd Feb) that the MLS made the announcement regarding the “DEBUT” logo on their X (formerly Twitter) handle, besides announcing the debut of Uruguayan ace, Suarez for Inter Miami, and Mexican teenager, Fidel Junior Barajas for Real Salt Lake.

Fans mostly have welcomed the idea of the autographed collectible 1/1 cards that would be sold by Topps later on. Netizens, however, have shared their mixed feelings about the “DEBUT” logo.

Some gave recalled that NFL came up with a similar concept last year for the ones debuting. A patch containing the writing “NFL PREM1ERE” featured on the jerseys of the newbies in 2023.

Things to be kept in mind in case you want the DEBUT logo.

Despite the excitement regarding the trading cards, there are a few things that have to kept in mind in case a fan wants to get their hands on a card.

MLS and Topps have made it clear that a player’s DEBUT logo will be featured in Topps’ 2024 trading cards only if the player debuts before April 1.

Ones debuting after the mentioned date, will have to wait till the 2025 season to get their DEBUT cards featured in Topps’ trading cards.

The 2024 MLS have started with renewed vigour, with Suarez joining his long lost friends from Barcelona.

Fans are sure to keep an eye on Suarez’s performance – which indirectly would affect the sale of Topps’ trading cards containing the Uruguayan’s “DEBUT” logo from his first match.