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Lionel Messi’s First Inter Miami Game Tickets Now Worth Over $20K

Lionel Messi’s First Inter Miami Game Tickets Now Worth Over $20K

Footballers earn the kind of money that most people can only dream of making. Of course, business owners, real estate developers, and software developers may also be making as much. And let’s not forget bingo players who have often made millions from small wagers. Most trusted bingo sites pay out hundreds of thousands each month. So, such players may also be in the leagues of football players like Lionel Messi, whose next stint should earn him $60 million a year!

Let’s cover how his next move could be the key to unlocking financial fortunes: 

Messi’s Inter Miami Deal

Bookies, punters, fans, and even sports companies keep an eye on Messi. And how could they not? This football legend has made waves ever since he made his debut. And going by the word on the street, he’s not done with making headlines.

Per recent football news, Messi will join Inter Miami under a 2 ½ year contract. The football star will take home about $60 million a year during this time. And that does not even include what he earns from endorsements and other deals!

So, when is he set to make this move? While the dates are not concrete, fans are sure of one thing. Inter Miami will clash with Cruz Azul on the 21st of July. And fans have been working hard to get a ticket since his announcement to leave PSG for Inter Miami. Everyone wants to see the legend make his debut, which has driven up the price of tickets. And yes, tickets have now hit the $20,000 mark according to Roy Nemer of Mundo Albiceleste! But that’s not all that has changed. 

Consider the following statistics following Messi’s announcement:

  • Once available at $800, tickets have reached over $20,000 in resale value, indicating a >1000% price increase. Anyone holding a ticket now can make enough profit to fund their bills. But since most people are unwilling to let go of their tickets, the scarcity will increase, resulting in another price jump before the end of June.
  • Inter Miami’s chiefs are trying to add 3,000 more seats to their stadium. So high is the demand for tickets that the profitability of more stadium seats is evident to the managers. They are working hard to renovate the stadium by August to accommodate this new demand.
  • Other teams have also benefited from this renewed interest from fans. Charlotte FC, for example, sold 10,000 tickets for its Miami game once Messi made his announcement. Projections show that proceeds from Lionel’s debut will trickle down to other teams, further boosting the soccer industry. How could one not refer to him as a force if he has this much effect?
  • Inter Miami ticket interest soared by >13,000% after Messi’s announcement. The team has not witnessed such interest in attendance in the past five years. Moreover, the team had 150,000 searches in June, a figure it has never had.

Is this excitement typical? Given Messi’s stats, people are always excited to see him play. His first stint in PSG had the same reaction, with the event generating over $750 million in profits! His subsequent performances were just as profitable as he was influential in supporting the team’s growth.

Will Messi Live Up to the Hype?

This level of excitement is quite normal for Messi. His stints in other clubs have attracted as much attention, and he did not disappoint. He has not commented much about his move since he’s technically under contract with PSG until the 1st of July. Nor has Inter Miami. But based on their preparations and fan interest, we can expect the move to be as successful as his previous ones. Word to the wise – buy a ticket before the prices rise once Messi makes his final announcement!