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Look: Lionel Messi Faces Unexpected Challenge From Son Thiago During Inter Miami Unveil

Look: Lionel Messi Faces Unexpected Challenge From Son Thiago During Inter Miami Unveil

Lionel Messi was finally unveiled as a new Inter Miami player on Sunday, July 16 – but his eldest son Thiago decided to have some fun during the ceremony. The Argentine forward has now officially moved to the USA and registered as a new player for the MLS strugglers.

Messi realizes that he has his work cut out for him for Inter Miami. Not only does he have to adapt to the MLS’ aggressive style, but need to be a one-man wrecking crew to take his new club to the MLS championship anytime soon.

With that being said, all the worries took a backseat on Sunday – when the club finally unveiled him to their supporters. It’s safe to assume that a lot of the fans at the DRV PNK Stadium were probably there just to see Messi – rather than them being Inter Miami supporters.

How Leo Messi spent his Inter Miami presentation day

Leo had an eventful day leading up to the presentation ceremony. He got to meet with Inter Miami co-owner David Beckham, who had played a key role in bringing him to the club. The 36-year-old forward also did a photoshoot wearing the new Inter Miami jersey, which is likely to see a spike in sales soon afterwards.

At the end of the day, he visited the stadium in Fort Lauderdale in Florida in front of over 10,000 supporters. It was probably the most hyped up and popular player unveiling in the history of US Soccer and one that was cherished by everyone who attended it in person. There were fireworks, a light show and everything that made it feel like a Hollywood film

Messi decided to give his fans some love soon after entering the pitch and made a lap all over the stadium to greet them. Just as he was making it to one side of the ground, his eldest son – Thiago Messi – decided to have some fun with his father. The youngster was hanging around with a football and showcasing some of his own skills to impress the onlookers.

Thiago Messi’s cheeky nutmeg on Leo

But at one point, he approached his dad and pulled off a cheeky nutmeg through his legs. This even managed to catch Leo off-guard, as he gave Thiago a look and a smile before making his way closer to the fans. Most of the supporters actually loved what they saw, giving out a prominent cheer to this sweet little moment.

Thiago, who will be turning 11 later this year, has a reputation for being a mischievous little figure. He is also a former member of the acclaimed ‘La Masia’ academy at Barcelona during his father’s years at the club. He will probably be continuing his development at Inter Miami’s academy during Leo’s stay in the MLS.

It also appears that Thiago might have some decent football skills himself and someone bent on following the footsteps of his father. Messi will only be encouraging that, even though he isn’t as strict a father as Cristiano Ronaldo – who seems bent on making Cristiano Jr the next big thing in football.

Leo has moved to the USA to be able to relax with his family more often and give his children the best possible education as well as a modern upbringing. It’s now up to his children, including Thiago, to show dedication towards their cause to carry on their father’s legacy and keep the ‘Messi’ name flying high in football for years to come.