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Messias 305, All About The ‘Messi Only’ Fan Club That Has Popped Up in Miami Recently

Messias 305, All About The ‘Messi Only’ Fan Club That Has Popped Up in Miami Recently

Lionel Messi has finally landed in Miami to complete his move to Inter Miami and it appears that he already has a new fan club in the city. The Argentine forward’s move to the David Beckham co-owned club is definitely the biggest thing to happen to the MLS in its history.

The league might’ve hosted a number of major football names, but nobody bigger than Messi has played in it. The 2022 World Cup winner opted against staying in Europe and joining Inter Miami – mostly due to their lucrative financial offer. As part of the financial plan, Messi will not only receive lucrative wages but also a share of every Apple TV subscription for the upcoming season.

The 34-year-old is now ready to be presented to the American side’s fans and will be their vocal force in the MLS going forward. He definitely has his work cut out for him, with Inter Miami dead last in the MLS Eastern Conference Table after 21 games. Even with him, they’re unlikely to be able to qualify for the playoffs this season and will only start soaring from next season onwards.

What is the Messias 305 group?

As he gets adapted to his new environment, Messi is already being treated as an icon by football (or soccer) fans in the USA. In fact, the Argentinian population residing in Miami have already created their own fan group – strictly for Messi himself.

Indeed, a group of Argentine faithful have formed a group named ‘Messias 305’. This is not an Inter Miami fan group – but strictly a set of Leo Messi fans who are just focused on what he does and couldn’t really care for the team’s success.

They’re the self-proclaimed first group of ‘Exclusive Messi fans in the world’ and have already created their own customized flag with a unique logo. The logo is the image of a crocodile. They’ve also inserted the 305 number because it is the official code of the city of Miami.

Interestingly, the group were also aware of legal trouble that could come with using Messi’s name and hence tweaked it to ‘Messias’. Julio Iglesias, one of the founders of the fan club, spoke about the reason for creating it and said: “I am the organizer of Messias 305, I started calling friends and collecting people. I made many friends, I have lived in Miami for 23 years. I had and have businesses.

“It was formed at a meal that we were having at my house, with some friends who had come from Argentina. They just announced that Messi was coming to Inter and it occurred to me to propose to my friends to become Messi’s supporters, since I knew that Messi did not have a special supporter in the world, obviously fans.”

How many fans does the group have and what is their own song?

The group of overly jovial fans also held their inauguration party – which included over 1,500 fans! In the party, the fans hired a DJ and used a drone to cover it all – with lavish food and drinks being on the table as well. They also unveiled a huge banner for Messi, welcoming him to Miami.

Messias 305 also created a brand new chant for Messi after his arrival in Miami. The translated version of it goes something like this:

“And let’s go Messi we have to win

This is your fan-club that comes to cheer you on

And let’s go Messi, we have to win the whole round with the cup, let’s go

Look what colors: pink and black

they are painted on you, how good you look

we have the best

we have the messiah

here in Florida

And look at you

How can I forget the night I found out

When they announced that they were bringing Lionel

The other fans trembled with fear

We have Messi, we have to lay an egg

I want to see Lionel bring the cup to Inter.”

It’s quite clear that the Leo Messi faithful are ready to give him the best possible reception and make Miami feel like home to him. Messias 305’s members probably dream of being acknowledged by the GOAT, and it remains to be seen when that lovely moment happens.