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Boldest Inter Miami Concept Kit Yet Puts Swan Logo in Spotlight

Boldest Inter Miami Concept Kit Yet Puts Swan Logo in Spotlight

Nowadays even a concept kit of Inter Miami is some news. And to be honest it’s not even shocking. When you have the greatest player in the history of the game you should get used to it. Even better if the concept kit is one of the boldest concept kits ever conceptualized.  

Inter Miami is a hot spot right now. The carnival seems to have just started and there are no signs of it slowing down. With 10 goals in 7 games, La Pulga is enjoying football after two complicated years in Paris. With him enjoying everything feels in its right place in Miami.

Inter Miami won their first-ever trophy, The League Cup, thanks to some crucial last saves from their goalkeeper, Drake Callender, and obviously Lionel Messi running riot on the pitch.  

Along with his longtime friends and former Barcelona teammates, Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets, Inter Miami looks completely reformed. A team that was fighting at the bottom of the league went unbeaten for 7 games to clinch the title, since the Catalan trio arrived.  

Even David Beckham couldn’t resist his emotions and was seen hugging and celebrating with Messi after their penalty shoot-out win. Seems like they have bonded well, thanks to Beckham’s Madrid days, he might know a word or two of Spanish. Messi and English? Nope, not yet.  

As said earlier, Miami is a hot spot, but now it can hot have a hot kit, if they incorporate a kit idea, pitched by a football kit designer, that is grabbing eyeballs on Twitter.  

Alberto Mariani, a creative designer and a football art director who goes by the moniker Rupert Graphic believes that “a football kit is more than just a kit”. It may have been this piece of philosophy, which has conceptualized an Inter Miami kit that is too hot to handle.  

The chest portion of the kit is mainly black with the Inter Miami swan logo on it which is white, and its leg is colored pink. “Miami” is also written just on the chest area with pink colors. The shoulder area of the kit is also pink thus creating an amalgamation of mainly pink, black, and white.  

The shorts are Pink with a big Inter Miami logo towards the end of it whereas the socks are black with Inter Miami logo on them.  

Overall, the kit is reminiscent of what a hacker from watch dogs might wear. Jokes aside, the kit has a post-punk feeling to it with “Drip” oozing through it. Messi would look absolutely savage in it, no doubt about that.  

Also, Alberto Mariani has some other cool kit designs in his closet, and I suggest you all check out some of his stuff. Hailing from the design capital of Italy, Milan, his favorite club is supposedly Inter Milan, and his Inter Milan concept Kit is a must-watch.