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Sneak peek at the blackout Arsenal away kit for 22/23 season

Sneak peek at the blackout Arsenal away kit for 22/23 season

Rumours have surfaced regarding the potential design of Arsenal’s away kit for next season.

According to these reports, next season will be the first instance of Arsenal sporting a ‘blackout’ kit.

Created by German Sportswear brand Adidas, the kit will have a ‘stealth look with anthracite logos and a silver/orange-golden colour scheme’.

Soon after the leak, concepts based on the initial information began to pop up. One, in particular, seems to have caught the eye of Gooners.

The concept kit from digital artist @afcxman features an all-black design with grey stripes next to the collar. It has won over fans immediately with many expressing their desire to purchase the elegant kit.

They evidently have a point, should this concept come to fruition, it will surely be a candidate for one of the coldest kits we’ll see next season.

However, it’s unlikely that the design will be picked up by Adidas, especially considering the lack of an orange-golden accent as suggested by the leaks.

Additionally, the leaks also revealed the design for next season’s third kit.

It will mark the first time in Gunners’ history that they will wear a pink kit. It will reportedly be light pink in colour, similar to Inter Miami’s kit in their inaugural season.