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Arsenal throwback to 90s with new adidas Originals range

Arsenal throwback to 90s with new adidas Originals range

Arsenal and adidas Originals have followed up last year’s remake of the iconic 1990’s home jersey with another retro recreation.

Taking inspiration from the 1993-1994 season’s away kit, the remake stays faithful to its predecessor, the kit is an almost exact recreation of the iconic jersey.

Featuring a yellow base colour along with a jacquard striping pattern, the classic design is topped off with the iconic Adidas stripes running diagonally across the shirt.

The collar comprises a yellow base colour along with red and dark blue accents. The shirt also retains the vintage JVC sponsor logo and the retro Arsenal Crest.

An advert released across the club’s social media handles features a showcase of the jersey alongside similarly themed accessories such as a sweatshirt, zipped jacket, and a t-shirt.

Players from Arsenal’s men’s and women’s teams can be seen modelling the kit in the advert alongside a figure many Gooners would fondly associate the retro kit with.

Ian Wright had an incredible 93/94 season, as he scored 34 goals for the Gunners across all competitions.

The Arsenal Legend featured in the ad campaign and also spoke on the new collection, “I have amazing memories of playing in the Adidas EQT jersey during the 93/94 season, and it’s great to celebrate that era with such a full and proper collection.”

The Remake collection will drop on the 13th of December, right at the cusp of the holiday season, making it the perfect stocking stuffer for any Arsenal supporter.