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Lionel Messi flaunts skills during living room kickabout with his three sons

Lionel Messi flaunts skills during living room kickabout with his three sons

Fans were treated with a quick glimpse into the private life of superstar Leo Messi when his wife, Antonela, posted footage online of the Argentine having a kick around with his sons in his room.

Messi, a family man through and through, spent the evening weaving his magic on an entirely different pitch, wearing pyjamas and socks.

The video which was shared on Instagram shows the PSG star nonchalantly breezing with a ball past Thiago, 9, and Ciro, 3.

Middle child Mateo, 6, seemed hesitant to get directly involved, standing some distance away as if to suggest he was playing the role of a goalie.

Flaunting his skills, the video showed Messi nutmegging his sons one after another before taking Mateo’s place as a shot-stopper.

At one point in the video, as the three boys are scrimmaging for the ball, Mateo channels his inner Sergio Ramos and dives into Ciro with a crunching challenge that leaves the youngest lying on the floor, prompting the mum-of-three to quiver a bit.

This isn’t the first time Messi has been seen enjoying a kick around with his kids. At his PSG unveiling, the former Barcelona star took the time to play around with his kids in front of the media.

Perhaps it was with the intention of avoiding the cold Paris winter that Messi and his sons opted for a living room kickabout, as opposed to previous instances when such impromptu games were played in the garden of their house back in Catalonia.