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Who is Elena Galera? Get to Know Sergio Busquets’ Wife and Antonela Roccuzzo’s Bestie!

Who is Elena Galera? Get to Know Sergio Busquets’ Wife and Antonela Roccuzzo’s Bestie!

Sergio Busquets has chosen an ideal retirement package with his move to Inter Miami. Here, he is reunited with teammates Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez and well away from the exhausting life at FC Barcelona.

The Spanish midfielder has had his highs and lows over the last decade, but has always found a strong pillar in his wife Elena Galera.

The Inter Miami midfielder normally likes keeping his private life as discreet as possible. He’s not exactly active on social media and likes spending his time with family and friends off the pitch.

While he might not post about her that much, Busquets shares a lovable family with his wife.

He probably chose the Miami move to spend more time with his loved ones and also for Galera to enjoy the posh lifestyle of the American city.

Ironically, in 2016, Sergio had insisted that only his wife or Pep Guardiola could make him leave Barcelona, claiming: “I’ve always said that only two people could change my mind about being here – one is my wife who is from here and also a Barça fan so I doubt very much that she will try to prise me away, so I don’t see any problems there.”

Whos ie Elena Galera?

Galera is a native Catalonian who is from Saint Quirze del Valles province of Barcelona. The 33-year-old started dating Busquets in 2013 after he broke up with his ex-partner Vanessa Aguilera. But before meeting Sergio and focusing more on family life, Elena used to work in the medical industry.

Indeed, she worked as a nurse at the Park Taulí University Hospital in Sabadell, Barcelona. In fact, Galera had been working as a dental assistant in Barcelona before being able to meet Busquets.

The two fell in love instantly after meeting in 2013 and it didn’t take much time before Sergio decided this was the love of his life.

Get to Know Sergio Busquets with Wife Elena Galera and their two kids

The two officially tied the knot in 2014 in a private ceremony and have been a happy couple ever since. They also share two children, Enzo (born in 2016) and Levi (born in 2018). While Sergio likes to keep his private life secretive, he made a surprising public post on his wife last year.

In a heartwarming birthday wish for his wife, the experienced midfielder wrote on Instagram: “Happy birthday Elena. Here’s to many more together, I LOVE YOU and I thank you for always being there at all times and above all in this year of change, showing what you’re worth and who you are. How lucky we are to have you, we love you.”

What Does Elena Galera Do Nowadays?

Galera has assumed the responsibility of taking care of the Busquets family and raising their two sons. She mostly tends to look into their well-being but also takes some time off for personal ventures. Like Sergio is best friends with Lionel Messi, his wife is also BFFs with Leo’s partner Antonela Roccuzzo.

Antonela Roccuzzo and Elena Galera

The two have been close together since their days at Barcelona, when Messi and Busquets became like brothers before the former’s departure. The two families continued reuniting as much as possible, even spending holidays together with Luis Suarez and sometimes Cesc Fabregas’ family too.

Now, the two families have again been reunited in the USA and seem to be enjoying their time together. Galera loves to spend time with Roccuzzo, and the two seem to be gym buddies as well when spending time away from their families.

Elena Galera (left) and Antonela Roccuzzo (right)

Apart from all this, Elena is now also an occasional model who mostly does her promoting on her Instagram. She has over 840,000 followers on the platform and is even followed by Leo Messi himself! The 5’3′ Spaniard has posted snaps of herself attending fashion shows and has a lot of snaps with her BFF Antonella.

She also seems to be sponsored by Alo Yoga. This is a brand that designs optimum attires and accessories to wear during Yoga sessions. Galera seems to be big into fitness and using yoga to keep her mental and physical well-being in check. She has posted pictures of herself wearing Alo Yoga’s attires and promoting the brand to her impressive follower base.

Not just that, but the 33-year-old also promotes attires from other brands. She recently posted herself wearing an attire designed by Miami fashion designers Style by GG. Elena is speculated to have a net worth of as high as £3.9 million due to her fashion ventures and promotional stuff.

With that being said, Galera’s primary objectives in life revolve around her family. Over the last decade, she has been a faithful and supportive wife who has kept Sergio Busquets’ career going. She has transitioned into a loving mother and also a great friend involved in this sweet bond between the families of Busquets, Messi and Suarez.