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Lionel Messi Caught Vibing to Maluma Live: What Other Music Does He Listen To?

Lionel Messi Caught Vibing to Maluma Live: What Other Music Does He Listen To?

Lionel Messi is an orchestrator when it comes to football on the field. However, off the field, he is undoubtedly an avid melophile.

Music has always played a big role in the lives of all the renowned footballers and its connection with football is undeniable. More often than not, footballers are seen with their headphones or speakers on their way to the stadium before the match. Even though Lionel Messi is not the type of player regularly seen wearing headphones before matches, his love for music can’t be questioned.

Messi is frequently seen attending concerts with his wife, especially after he settled in Miami. According to the website ‘’, Messi told his friend Pinto that the song ‘Hijo’ by Los Cafres is amongst his favorites.

“That track represents everything I have experienced,” Messi commented.

The former FC Barcelona captain goes on to add that he is fond of Argentine music that are calm in nature. The La Pulga has expressed his love for Cumbia, a popular genre in Latin America that originated in Colombia and Panama, time and again.

The 8th Ballon d’Or winner was surprisingly seen attending a concert by the Colombian singer Maluma held in Miami over the first weekend of November with his wife, Antonela Roccuzzo. Lionel Messi quickly became the centre of attention in the concert as he continued to enjoy his vacation in Miami after the end of the MLS season.

The World Cup winner was seen vibing to the aura of the concert from a corner of the balcony stand. The beloved athlete was captured having a gala time alongside his wife. The images circulating on social media encapsulated Messi in a different mood as the Inter Miami forward was glued to the performance and even grooved to the music.

Messi’s good relationship with Maluma is not unheard of. Just a few months ago, Maluma paid tribute to the soccer legend by including him in his music video, ‘Trofeo’. Moreover, during his visit to the South Florida city, the singer shared a series of images of the meeting he had with Lionel Messi. The Argentine’s impromptu visit to Maluma’s concert in Miami was a delightful showcase of his genuine appreciation for the artist.

This is not the only instance showcasing Messi’s love for music. He has been regularly captured attending concerts and dance nights with his wife during his holidays in Ibiza and Miami. An instagram reel shared by his wife also showed him grooving to the beats of his personal favourite musical, Asesnia by Los Palmeras.

Messi is also a huge fan of the Argentinian singer, Sergio Torres. Sergio even dedicated a song called “The Eighth Wonder” after the Ballon d’Or winner. Apart from his fondness for Latin music, he also likes other genres of music by J Alvarez, Rombai, and Bruno Mars. Besides creating magic on the field, Messi also exhibits a fine taste in music, and his appearance at Maluma’s concert perfectly encapsulated this dynamic.