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How Much Does it Cost to Rock Pink Supreme Tracksuit Like Malo Gusto?

How Much Does it Cost to Rock Pink Supreme Tracksuit Like Malo Gusto?

Malo Gusto has claimed his stake in the Chelsea lineup in the absence of captain Reece James, producing a string of impressive performances under Mauricio Pochettino this season.

The Frenchman arrived at the club last year and has been quite versatile in being able to operate both as a right-back and a left-back.

Gusto produced arguably his best performance in a Chelsea shirt in the recent 1-1 draw against Manchester City, keeping Jeremy Doku & co quiet and helping his side get a hard-fought point.

The 20-year-old has proven himself has a hard-working figure, operating like a machine and running up and down the field to help his side on both halves of the pitch.

He’s already made 24 appearances this season, producing six assists, and is poised to play in his first cup final for Chelsea in the Carabao Cup finale against Liverpool at the weekend.

Gusto is agile and proactive on the pitch, and likes to relax and live a casual lifestyle outside it.

He seems to prefer wearing comfortable clothes when not donning the football kits and boots, and recently turned up to training wearing a really fashionable tracksuit.

Which Tracksuit Did Malo Gusto Wear To Chelsea Training?

Gusto has been enjoying the last few games for Chelsea, thanks to his impressive performances and has gained a lot of confidence after the Manchester City outing.

He recently posted a series of pictures of the rollercoaster of a week he had heading into the game against the Cityzens, including pictures from the game, from training and what he wears to training.

It appears that Gusto decided to wear a pink tracksuit to Chelsea training recently, and he has no issues at all in flaunting that attire on social media.

Normally with the poorly-created mentality that pink is a ‘girly colour’, many men and footballers tend to stray clear of wearing pink attires. However, the Chelsea man really isn’t one of those and doesn’t care what others think of his fashion choices.

Well, it turns out that the tracksuit he was wearing is one created by the American fashion brand Supreme.

Both the pink hoodie with the corresponding track pants are created by Supreme, to be worn as a set.

The track pants even have the logo of Supreme boldly written in white on the part of the left leg and a similar logo is also there on the back of the tracksuit as well.

The pink hoodie that he’s wearing is the Supreme ‘Santin Appique F23 – Light Pink’ edition, which is 84% cotton and 16% polyester. It also uses the Satin Applique fabric, has a drawstring hood style with a front pocket and a straight hem pattern – meaning it cuts across all the way to the bottom of the hoodie.

The track pants are 100% cotton and 100% satin fabric, with an elasticated waistband style for more comfort. There are two side pockets and also a rare pocket in the track, while it also possesses an elasticated ankle length to ensure that the pants don’t run down below the foot.

What Does Malo Gusto’s Supreme Tracksuit Cost?

The American brand Supreme actually has a really fascinating story in the fashion world.

James Jebbia, the brand’s founder, opened it in 1994 in New York City in the form of a small street store in So-Ho, where he designed attires for the younger demographic of people and was especially focused on creating streetwear clothes and suitable attires for skateboarders too.

Supreme has now transitioned to actually manufacture skateboards too and has earned a reputation for influencing the streetwear fashion culture and urban fashion trends.

Jebbia actually gave a fascinating mantra on his brand’s ideology, telling Vogue: “My thing has always been that the clothing we make is kind of like music.

“There are always critics that don’t understand that young people can be into Bob Dylan but also into the Wu-Tang Clan and Coltrane and Social Distortion. Young people—and skaters—are very, very open-minded . . . to music, to art, to many things, and that allowed us to make things with an open mind.”

Supreme might have been a small shop in New York City that depended on its local demographics in the 90s, but it has now grown into a massive fashion brand that ships its products all over the globe. The attire that Gusto is wearing here is definitely not cheap either.

Popular online fashion store Farfetch has priced the hoodie at $444 and the track pants at $554 – with the combined price being close to $1000! Even a pre-owned version of the pink hoodie is being sold for over $300 on Modesens, which shows how popular this brand is for the younger demographic crowd.

Considering that Gusto has a rumoured annual salary of £2.3 million at Chelsea, spending nearly $1k on a casual tracksuit isn’t that big of a deal for him.

However, one has to be REALLY obsessed with tracksuits to spend that much money on this Supreme attire – which is enough to bite off a big chunk of an average person’s life savings.