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RHOSLC Fans Go Wild as Meredith Marks Unleashes Drunk British Accent

RHOSLC Fans Go Wild as Meredith Marks Unleashes Drunk British Accent

Known for her breathy Marilyn Monroe voice, the Reality TV series RHOSLC star Meredith Marks, is buzzing online for her hilarious Brit accent in the latest episode.

In season 4 episode 3 of the The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (RHOSLC), Meredith, Angie Katsanevas, Whitney Rose and others gather for a fiery dinner. 

Meredith, an award-winning Jewelry designer, made a stylish entry out of the blue, swinging jibes at first Whitney and then Angie, who accidently got caught in the line of fire.

Apparently, she was heavily boozed up in the dramatic dinner scene, as shown in the previous episode. In this excerpt, while roasting several other co-stars, she asks Angie to “leave”.


At this very moment, something bizarre happened with Meredith’s voice. 

She said it in a slurring voice; understandable as she’s drunk, however, it sounded like a jarring British accent. 

TV Twitter reacts to Meredith Marks developing British accent on RHOSLC

Fans and viewers took to twitter to discuss this hilarious scene from Meredith.

Impressed by her chameleon-esque delivery, a fan community channel, Realitytvmama, wrote: “Meredith’s drunken British accent during the argument with Angie K. made her the winner hands down.

NY Times journalist, Louis Peitzman said: “Meredith’s accent work is truly incredible, she sounds like a British actor trying to do Tennessee Williams.”

One commentator advised linguistic students to follow her work. He said: “linguistics students should study Meredith Mark’s accent.”

Another viewer wrote: “Meredith’s British accent has me crying legit tears. I haven’t laughed this hard at a housewives episode in eons. #RHOSLC”

A user named Daniel (probably a British husband) said: “Meredith’s British accent is actually like a top 5 housewives moment for me oh my god.  #rhoslc”

Meredith opens up on surprising British accent

Smelling the marketing opportunity, Meredith herself came forward to address the fans’ queries.

In a podcast interview with Dylan Hafer, she admitted that booze was the reason behind her Brit accent. 

She further explained that her ability to change accents stems from the old habit of getting influenced by interaction with people of different dialects and accents.

“… if I’m on the phone with a friend in Texas, I might have a little bit of a Southern drawl when I hang up.”

On instagram, she shared the funny side of her accent by sharing snippets from the scene. She humorously compared her act as being possessed by “demons” in Palm Springs.

What’s more, the reality TV actor was previously caught wearing Kim Kardashian’s signature full-length clothing and hand jewelry at her January 2022 photoshoot. 

We take it that Meredith’s accent isn’t the only mimickable aspect of personality.

Meredith is an RHOLSC icon

Reality TV program Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (RHOSLC) is currently streaming its fourth season on Bravo. 

The new edition became an instant-hit among the viewers, who had to endure previously lukewarm seasons.

Fans and critics have unanimously praised Meredith Marks and her featuring sons for their performances.

However, a trending post on Reddit has called out the show and its “messy” cast. It particularly calls out Meredith’s “holier than thou attitude” and her fake overall appearance. 

Reddit user, Ok-Asparagus-904, wrote: “Meredith Marks has evolved into a hilarious train wreck to me. But the main thing that grinds my gears is: her coquettish affect combined with her abject lack of mobility.”

However, despite a few criticisms, fans are loving the new lighter, more humorous take on the reality series.

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