Piers Morgan’s tweet on Game of Thrones backfires when reminded of his association with Arsenal

Mid-April saw the arrival of the famous TV series Game of Thrones (GoT) come back for its final season. The first episode of season 8 aired on the 15th of April, with the fan-following (which is a huge chunk of the TV viewing world) eagerly waiting for the climax of the show that kept them asking for more since day one.

With regards to the show, there are two kinds of people: one kind, is head over heels with the show and needs a regular dose of it to get through their lives. The other kind, however, couldn’t care less about it and the hype it generates. English broadcaster and TV personality Piers Morgan falls into the latter.

Morgan, who is an Arsenal fan, is well known for his criticism of Arsenal (especially Wenger) and his passionate comments on Arsenal. And while the GoT community were losing their minds on the aftermath of the most anticipated episode, “The Battle of Winterfell”, Piers expressed his thoughts on the show on Twitter. He tweeted saying that he finds it a waste of time and energy to watch GoT.

And since it is in social media’s nature to fire back in kind, Morgan’s comments did not go under the radar. Actor and internet personality Gavin Free responded to Morgan’s tweet saying that despite him finding GoT a waste of energy, Morgan still watches Arsenal play football.

And while Morgan’s comments on GoT backfired in the most hilarious way, it does bring to light a bigger question: Are Arsenal really that bad to watch as implied by Gavin’s response? If so, what must they do to make for better viewing?