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Gerard Pique Diss Track Earns Shakira the Latin Grammys and Look Who’s There To Present It

Gerard Pique Diss Track Earns Shakira the Latin Grammys and Look Who’s There To Present It

For the past 15 years, the rivalry between Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo is what made the El Clasico between Real Madrid and Barcelona special, so much so that fans across the world would anticipate patiently for those matches.

But one of the most heated lowkey rivalry that was overshadowed as a result was rivalry between Sergio Ramos and Gerard Pique.

These two defenders have been squaring at each other for as long as fifteen years and maybe Ramos finally got the best of Pique and that too in the most hilarious manner.

Over the years, both Spanish men have engaged in numerous fights on and off the field getting into heated arguments and making snarky comments at each other.

It was one of the best parts of El Clasico that everyone always eagerly waited for. But finally, Ramos has completely outdone himself with the best dig anyone can do against Pique.

The former Real Madrid defender was a presenter at last night’s Latin Grammys where he presented the Best Song of the Year award to Shakira, the global pop star, who also happens to be Pique’s ex and the mother of Pique’s children.

Shakira and Pique decided to end their 11-year relationship after Pique cheated on her with a woman named, Clara Chia Marti. Their break-up, relationship and Pique’s infidelity were the main focus of the song.

How Sergio Ramos got caught in this is anyone’s guess as the producers of the Latin Grammys knew exactly what they were doing by making Ramos as a presenter.

To Ramos, presenting the award for Best Song of Year to Shakira for a Pique diss-song, might be the best assist of his life outside of football. Somehow even after retirement, Pique is not safe from Ramos and his tackles.

Things got even worse for Pique as Ramos did more than just present the award, he gave Shakira a hug and kissed both her cheeks when he met her on stage.

Later at the red carpet, Ramos also took photos with Shakira with his arms around her. If this was a football match, all these would result in a red card foul for Ramos.

Most importantly internet is loving this. General public turned against Pique when Shakira spoke her truth through her song ‘BZRP Music Session #53’ and now Ramos have given Shakira his own assist in dissing Pique. One fan called Sergio Ramos “greatest menace of all time” while another said “El Clasico at its finest”.

In addition to Best Song of the Year, Ramos also presented Best Urban Interpretation award to Shakira as well. Shakira took home a total of 3 Grammys last night.