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Shakira Scorches Pique In Latest Song

Shakira Scorches Pique In Latest Song

Shakira, the world-famous Colombian singer, has now made news for recording a diss track directed at her ex-partner and football legend, Gerard Pique

The song, which has lyrics in Spanish, is a blistering portrayal of Pique, accusing him of unfaithfulness and disrespectfulness.

Shakira wrote the lyrics as she freestyled over a beat, and these lyrics were raw and dramatic, conveying the singer’s grief and rage against the former Spain international in a very sassy way. 

The first verse is relatively calm, with light insults that most post-break-up couples talk about. However, the second verse gets very real very quickly.

Shakira insults Pique, stating, “You’re so weird that I can’t even tell you apart,” implying that he isn’t distinctive or special to her. 

The sentence “I’m worth two 22-year-olds” implies that she considers herself twice as good as Pique’s current girlfriend, Clara Chia, who is 22 years old.

The swap of a Ferrari for a Twingo and a Rolex for a Casio suggests that he has settled for less, a decline in his life. She tells him to “slow down” and “work out your brain a little too”, implying that he isn’t thinking things through or using his brain appropriately.

She admits feeling like a “hostage” in the relationship, denoting that she was imprisoned or locked in it. The remark “I’ll be out tomorrow, and be my guest if you want to bring her in too” signifies that she is over the relationship and has moved on since she shows little respect for the state of his current relationship.

The singer also references Pique and his romantic interest, Clara Chia, who allegedly terminated things between the singer and the footballer.

‘Yo solo hago música, perdón que te salpique’ [I only make music, I’m sorry if that splashes you] and ‘Tiene nombre de persona buena Clara-mente, es igualita que tú’ [She has a good name, clearly she’s just like you] put both of their identities in the verses.

The “sal-pique” line is referring to Pique, as is evident from the pause. Salpique refers to the word “splash” in English. The lyric itself refers to the Colombian singer’s decision to forgo her musical career in order to live with Piqué and raise their children in Spain. 

Shakira reverses the roles because it was she who experienced the “splashes” or traumas of the relocation for the sake of her children, while her then-husband maintained his football career without problems.

The main chorus talks about how a “she-wolf” like her is not for a guy like him, driving home the point that he just was not good enough. Ouch.

The video currently sits on a whopping 30 Million views having been released only 15 hours ago. Jaw-breaking numbers that Pique would not want to be on the bad side of.

Shakira already alluded to her broken romance with Piqué in “Monotonia,” her first song following their split. 

Fans have weighed in on Shakira’s latest single, “BZRP Music Session #53,” and applauded her for the diss track.

We’re not quite sure if there will be any retaliation for this. He sure can’t sing, and now he isn’t playing either. 

We don’t know what might be next for him, but it definitely doesn’t include going back to Shakira.