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Arsenal Set To Transform Emirates Stadium With Eight New Works Of Art

Arsenal Set To Transform Emirates Stadium With Eight New Works Of Art

Arsenal is in dreamland. Top of the table, an attack, firing on all cylinders and a manager who looks like he could do no wrong at the moment. This is their season. This is the season that the Gunners fans have been waiting for two decades. 

They want their hands on the Premier League trophy again, to have the highest honour of the land.  

Giving into this euphoria, the authorities at the club treated the fans to another sight that has only made them shower their undying love for their beloved club yet again. 

The club has unveiled eight new pieces of art that will decorate the exterior of the Emirates stadium. Helping them in this endeavour are Turner Prize-winning artist, Jeremy Deller, critically acclaimed artist, Reuben Dangoor, and distinguished graphic designer, David Rudnick.  

The Gunners made this announcement on their Twitter handle and the fans were completely awestruck after they witnessed that one-minute-long video that depicted the club’s vision to transform the artwork on the exterior half of the stadium. 

The club has kept the artwork true to its history with each piece of art celebrating their triumphs, community values, and their pursuit of progress.

One of the artworks is known as the ‘Victoria Concordia Crescit’, which tells the story of the club’s iconic players who embody the spirit of Arsenal.

The neoclassical style of French revolutionary paintings which show the club legends ready for battle in the club colours with cannons and flags which read the club’s motto, Victory Through Harmony inspires this artwork.

Then there’s an artwork that honours the ‘Invincibles.’

This work immortalizes two campaigns of the club — the Men’s Premier League campaign in the 2003/04 season and the Women’s Champions League campaign in 2006/07.

The men’s and the women’s sides are seen pulling the trophy up with grit and determination, the same qualities that helped them in their respective campaigns. 

Another artwork captures the founding year of 1886 in bold colours.

The artwork on Future Brilliance is inspired by a quote by the club’s most revered manager, Arsene Wenger, which reads: “Here you have the opportunity to get out the greatness in you.”

The buck doesn’t stop here. The club has also honoured the loyalty of his constant supporters.

Artwork by the name, ‘Found A Place Where We Belong’ will be an ultimate illustrated crowd scene that will represent the importance of the Arsenal family.

This work (still in progress) will also feature terrace anthems that were sung throughout the ages to capture the essence of the unwavering support of fans over the years. 

There’s a homage to the memories of Arsenal’s former home, Highbury as well, which shows the club’s greatest-ever managers and players throughout their history. 

The club has also turned its focus on the North London pride, a badge that Arsenal honourably wears and captured this in an artwork. When completed, this artwork will be seen by passengers on southbound trains arriving in London passing the Emirates Stadium.

However, the most impressive artwork of the lot which truly signals the club’s love for its supporters is a collage of banners from supporter groups around the world. These physical banners are handmade and individually photographed to create an authentic effect.   

All this has left the fans completely speechless who are now excited to see this artwork come to fruition. 

There is an air of hope around the Emirates stadium about Arsenal’s ongoing campaign and with the new artwork on its way soon, one can see that the expected Premier League trophy at the end of the season unveiled behind the new exteriors of the Emirates stadium.