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You And Saliba at the Back: Wesley Fofana Ambushed By Arsenal Fans With Anti-Chelsea Request

You And Saliba at the Back: Wesley Fofana Ambushed By Arsenal Fans With Anti-Chelsea Request

Arsenal is in dreamland after conjuring six points from their first two games as they sit comfortably below Manchester City on the table after the second game week. Mikel Arteta’s side has racked up six goals in two encounters that included a four-goal rout against Leicester City.

The Gunners are beaming with confidence and so are their fans. The harsh end to the previous season has now been long forgotten and the recent addition of quality players such as Gabriel Jesus and Oleksandr Zinchenko has further boosted the chances of the club for a better finish in this campaign.

However, no matter how much you have, you just cannot turn your back on more. Such is also the plight of a few Arsenal fans who now have a new prospect on their radar. After the triumph against Leicester City at the Emirates Stadium, some fans had their eyes set on Leicester City’s young centre-back, Wesley Fofana.

The 21-year-old Frenchman has been linked with a move to Chelsea but the Foxes are adamant about keeping him right where he is. The offer from the Blues is nearly in the ballpark figure of £60 million, but Leicester isn’t interested in listening to any bids less than £80 million. 

This has left Wesley in a small conundrum. He is going toe-to-toe with his current club to lower their expectations and accept the money that Chelsea will offer but the Foxes believe Wesley has more potential than the ex-Leicester defender, Harry Maguire who went to Manchester United for £80 million. Anything less than that would be a significant loss to them. 

The Arsenal fans who are keeping themselves up to date about any transfer speculations know the true worth of Wesley in their back line. So a few Gunners fans emboldened themselves and confronted and requested Wesley to give up his idea of joining Chelsea.

Wesley was preparing to leave in his car after the game against Arsenal over the weekend when a few fans arrived suddenly and ambushed him with this request. They lured him to chart his way to the Emirates Stadium in London where he will have the privilege of playing with his countryman William Saliba in Arsenal’s defensive line.

The Frenchman, who kept mum only smiled, got into his car, and left without any reply to the Arsenal fans. From his reaction, it only looked like Wesley was laughing in the faces of those fans but the sight of Gunners’ fans going up to young talents and requesting them to join their club is only a testament to their desperation of lifting the Premier League title after ages.

The Wesley saga might continue but currently, it looks like the concerns and voices of those fans who went up to him have been ignored as the talks of the Frenchman joining Chelsea are nearing the finish line.