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Arsenal Fans Unveil New Gabriel Jesus Chant With Cheeky Reference to ‘The Gabi’s’

Arsenal Fans Unveil New Gabriel Jesus Chant With Cheeky Reference to ‘The Gabi’s’

Gabriel Jesus has become a revelation at Arsenal since moving from Manchester City in the summer. He’s completely transformed their attacking output, adding everything they needed in that no.9 role.

The Brazilian scored a brace and even managed a couple of assists in his Premier League debut at the Emirates Stadium during the weekend, helping the Gunners defeat Leicester City 4-2. Thanks to his history with Mikel Arteta—with whom he worked at Manchester City—Jesus has hardly taken time adapting to his new club.

The 25-year-old’s movement, link-up ability and clinical finishing style has helped him fix the issues up front at Arsenal. Thanks to his impressive start to his career with the north London side, Jesus has already become a major hit among the fans.

Not only are the supporters donning their new no.9’s jersey, they’ve also come up with a special chant for him. Soon after Arsenal’s win over Leicester, a video became viral on social media of a new song some of their fans debuted for the Brazilian forward.

It goes something like this: “Ohhhhhh Mik Arteta called him, said ‘now’s your time to shine,’ coz I’m collecting Gabi’s, and Gunner (gonna) make you mine. They say he walks on water, then turns it into wine, oh I believe in Jesus, The Arsenal number nine!”

This chant is inspired from a popular British song ‘My Oldman’s a Dustman’ by Lonnie Donegan.  It’s heavily inspired by the song’s chorus, which goes like: “Oh, my old man’s a dustman. He wears a dustman’s ha. He wears cor blimey trousers, And he lives in a council flat.”

Arsenal fans have a history of creating chants based on this song as well. They created a famous chant dedicated to ex-manager Arsenal Wenger during his management period, which went like: “Arsene Wenger’s Magic, He wears a magic hat. And when he saw the double, He said I’m having that!”

There are some smart metaphors added to the song. For one, the ‘Collecting Gabi’s’ bit is true considering that Arsenal now have three first-team players named Gabriel (Jesus, Martinelli and Magalhaes).

The ‘walks on water, then turns it into wine’ bit is clearly inspired by Jesus Christ and it seems like the Brazilian is close to turning the Arsenal faithful into his devotees too.