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Yves Bissouma Wears Nike Superfly Shoes With Gorgeous Mali-Themed Makeover

Yves Bissouma Wears Nike Superfly Shoes With Gorgeous Mali-Themed Makeover

In modern-day football, player expression isn’t just limited to how players choose to act on the pitch, as they also show off their own distinct styles through customized apparel. Whether that may be specially crafted designer wear or even their own patented fashion styles, it all counts towards shaping a star’s persona in the public eye. 

While this is a more ‘bigger picture’ motive, some players just want to represent a certain message, and of course, look good while doing it. 

And as such, stars have found their on-field gear, primarily boots, to be the perfect vessel, making modified boots pretty prevalent nowadays. 

The latest player to show off their custom pair of boots is recently recruited Spurs man, Yves Bissouma, who was seen sporting them during his appearance at Stamford Bridge against Chelsea. 

The midfielder entered the fray as a second-half substitute wearing his stylized pair of Nike boots. The intricate design acts as a skin on top of what looks to be Nike Mercurial SuperFly 7’s with a standard ‘Nuovo White’ colour scheme.

Remodelled by customization experts Swithadot StudioS, the originals see a colourful makeover, thematically centred around Bissouma’s national side Mali. 

Emblazoned near the back of the boot is a vibrant eagle, with its elaborately crafted wings developed in the national colours of Mali – Red, Green and Yellow. The Nike swoosh gets some sharp outlining, and Bissouma’s initials also feature on the boot.

His initials ‘YB8’ raises an intriguing point, as the former Brighton man has actually been handed No. 38 at Spurs. As for his desired ‘8’, he faces competition from Harry Winks for the number.