This Tube commuter rocking the Nike Total 90s was a rare sight

Football and fashion have shared a relatively close relationship since the 60s. Kits and jerseys were generally utilized as trendy streetwear, a long tradition which hit its peak when PSG X Jordan became a thing. 

The Beautiful Game has even had its own fashion icons, David Beckham, Hector Bellerin, and Andrea Pirlo all sport different styles but carry the same status. 

Gradually, footy themed fashion seeped into popular culture and became mainstream. Soon enough, even football boots became showpieces, a prime example being Ronaldo’s 2015 ‘rare gold’ Mercurials, enveloped in gold and fitted with micro diamonds, perhaps the finest football drip imaginable. 

While football boots aren’t held in the same vein as basketball shoes in terms of collectability, the fashion appeal still persists. 

This is especially true in the case of retro boots as they carry nostalgia and glamour in equal measure, providing an instant channel to fonder times.

The reason for their allure relates directly to the extravagant promotional campaigns, which were a common feature at the time. 

Be it Ronaldinho rattling the crossbar 4 times while rocking gold Tiempos or the likes of Zidane, Raul and Beckham having a kickabout in the classic Predators, these campaigns were simply iconic. 

Another noteworthy amongst these is the commercial for Nike Total 90.

It showcased a WWE-esque backstage brawl between the star-studded national teams of Portugal and Brazil, flashy skills all around, while ‘Papa Loves Mambo’ blasted in the background.

Fueled by the incredible commercial, the boots gained immense popularity, spawning multiple variations.

The look went on to define an entire decade, and evidently, it has aged extremely well. 

To back up our claim, we bring you proof courtesy of the London Tube.

In this image, which football fans can’t stop gushing over, an elderly gentleman casually reads through the Evening Standard, wearing a brown coat and a pair of slacks.

The outfit is capped off by a stunning pair of Total 90s, featuring the eye-catching golden/black colourway. They aren’t cleats, however, as this pair was made for turf purposes and instead can qualify as ‘Futsal shoes’.

The condition looks rather pristine as well, the soles appear firmly in place, with no visible blemishes or marks.

The layered circle in the centre is unmissable, and it reflects Nike’s attempts at being out-of-the-box those days.

Golden Total 90s could make any fit hard, but the unbothered vibes that the rest of the ensemble radiate makes it even harder. Colour us impressed. 

We weren’t the only ones, of course, and many online were in awe.  Hopefully, the viral image results in a return of football shoes being used as fashion gear.