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Verdict: The New AS Roma x Aries Collab Is Better Than You Think

Verdict: The New AS Roma x Aries Collab Is Better Than You Think

Fashion x Football collabs are the norm these days, with popular European sides dropping limited edition apparel at a consistent rate.

Joining the frenzy are Italian giants AS Roma along with their sponsors New Balance.

The club has partnered with London-based luxury label Aries for a collection that manages to stand out amidst an oversaturated market.

Founded by Italian designer Sofia Prantera, the brand bridges the gap between high fashion and streetwear, with a mix of punk and outsider art at the forefront.

For their collaboration with Roma, Aries have gone full Rome, and in the most brazen manner possible as well.

Covering on-field gear and pre-match apparel, the design language features some prominent cultural references, all while retaining a strong sense of tradition.

The collection includes 13 different items, including Jackets, Track pants, Shirts and much more.

The standout pieces are the on-field kits, which will be worn by the side during their upcoming Japanese tour at the end of November.

The kit itself is a highly stylized blend of Roman iconography and signature Aries references, with their trademark diagonal marbling streaks running alongside the traditional Giallorossi red and gold. 

For the Goalkeeper kit, Aries have infused the base with one of their classic cosmic colourways, making for a tie-dyed appearance.

Both kits also feature a customized logo commemorating the collab, one which places Aries and NB underneath Rome-inspired pillars.

Another highlight comes in the form of this stunning off-field Jersey, featuring sculptures of historic Roman icons such as Luca Capitolina, Julius Caesar and Lucius Verus.

The look screams royalty and heritage and even has golden accents, including a striking ‘Roma’ type design emblazoned in the centre. 

You can find bespoke details such as these throughout the collection, from the shirts to socks, all of it portrays Roma in an unapologetic manner.

The collaboration also manages to bring out the best side of all parties involved, a sort of ‘best hits’ collection.

Aries’ brash, high-fashion touches coupled with Roma’s eminent ancestry and culture, and of course, the sportswear element to it all.

Everything just comes together with a sense of ease behind it, making Aries x AS Roma one of the best fashion crossovers we’ve seen in the realm of Football. This is a love letter to Rome, from London.