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Uncovering The Insanely Unique Off-White x AC Milan Pre-Match Suits

Uncovering The Insanely Unique Off-White x AC Milan Pre-Match Suits

Fashion x Football collabs were a rare sighting in the past, but nowadays, it seems as if there’s a crossover lying at every turn.

Encouraged by the popularity of PSG’s iconic collaboration with Jordan, many fashion labels have forayed into sports apparel, although with varying degrees of success.

Most such partnerships have usually popped up with a limited-edition line of apparel before dipping and fading into obscurity.

But there’s something about Off-White’s efforts with Italian Heavyweights AC Milan that has managed to defy this trend.

Every look at AC Milan’s stylized pre-match attire has captivated fans to another degree, and recently, they debuted another attractive bit of clothing from the collaboration.

The first Off-White-designed look sported by the team were White Varsity Jackets loaded with nods to the club’s achievements and some vintage signage to boot.

While that outfit got top marks from basically every supporter, their latest pre-match ensemble is slightly more divisive.

Worn by the players before the game against Roma, the look features a black double-breasted jacket with red patches for sleeve cuffs.

The patches act as a representative of the collaboration’s ‘Wear your Heart on your sleeve’ campaign, while also being a neat touch.

The jacket’s front presents a stylish, semi-formal aesthetic, one that most were on board with, that is until they get a look at the back.

Diving into the more eccentric territory, the back features Milan’s signature stripes in greyscale form, with each player’s squad number present in a bold font.

Naturally, this wacky mash-up was not to everybody’s liking.

With the front having all the makings of a formal blazer and the back being…what it is, the balance is evidently off.

Fans online were not digging the threads, and we can’t help but agree.

As per their contract, Off-White x AC Milan still has plenty to offer, here’s to hoping that future drops manage to strike the right chords.