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Loving The New AC Milan X Rolling Stones Streetwear Collection? Here’s What It Costs

Loving The New AC Milan X Rolling Stones Streetwear Collection? Here’s What It Costs

While Fashion x Football crossovers might be all the rage these days, music’s long-standing association with the game seems to be making a quiet resurgence.

Throughout history, the two have held closely-knit ties, with music playing a massive role in the cultures of many clubs.

Take for instance Manchester City’s love for Oasis’ ‘Wonderwall’, or The Beatles’ influence on Liverpool FC. Many such examples are present across the footballing landscape, but Music doesn’t just have cultural links to the game.

With both mediums capable of attracting global audiences, commercial linkups are only natural, and over the years, we’ve seen them occur in numerous forms.

The most common method for Music and Football to unite has typically been through a special apparel drop, featuring iconic designs that highlight the best of both parties involved.

The latest such drop brings together two unlikely candidates in Italian Heavyweights AC Milan and Iconic Rock outfit The Rolling Stones.

For the Rossoneri, brand expansion looks to be the name of the game, as the club has been on a collaborative spree as of late. 

Steeped in history and Milanese culture, the club has always been ripe with marketing potential, which they finally look to be leveraging. 

Last year saw Milan sign a long-term deal with streetwear fashion label Off White, and now, they’ve joined hands with The Rolling Stones to tap into an unexplored market. 

The collaboration started with a capsule collection to commemorate the iconic band’s 60th anniversary, and a few days ago, the duo dropped the second release of their linkup.

On this occasion, the drop included 4 primary pieces of apparel including a faux leather jacket, 2 t-shirts and a hoodie.

Present all across the clothing are bespoke details and stylized type designs, including an embroidered patch present on the back of the jacket.

Reminiscent of old-school title cards, the patch displays the names of both parties involved in gold with an exaggerated font design in use.  

Sitting beneath the patch is a neat reference to a Rolling Stones’ classic ‘Sympathy for the Devil’, which is an obvious play on Milan’s nickname II Diavolo – The Devil. 

Also present on the apparel is a theme-appropriate logo celebrating the collab, as it shows off the British band’s iconic ‘tongue’ logo tucked inside Milan’s club crest. 

The apparel released as part of the drop sticks closely to the club’s traditional colours of red and black, with an outlier being the grey hoodie.

Detail-rich and packed with style, this collaboration provides enough to satisfy both the Milan faithful and the fashion-savvy.

Much like AC Milan’s efforts with Off-White, this drop is yet another hit, the club are knocking it out of the park in the fashion department. 

However, the same cannot be said for the Rossoneri’s performances on the pitch, as the side currently sits 6th in the Serie A table, and any title hopes are firmly in the bin.

Nevertheless, in case you’re interested in copping one of these for yourself, the collection is available for purchase through the club’s website.

The varsity jacket is listed at a price of £168, while the t-shirt and hoodie will cost you £27 and £51 respectively.