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Look: LFC Defender Virgil Van Dijk Brings 90s Baggy Streetwear Look To Life

Look: LFC Defender Virgil Van Dijk Brings 90s Baggy Streetwear Look To Life

Call the fashion police for there is a new drip lord in the streets and his name is Virgil van Dijk. Renowned as a talismanic figure in Klopp’s defensive lines, VVD has been perceived as potentially past his prime following his 2020 injury.

While there might be several contemporary defenders with better defensive prowess, when it comes to effortlessly pulling off a vintage 90s aesthetic, VVD stands among the elite.

After failing to qualify for the top four last season, Liverpool has clearly bounced back in the ongoing campaign.

After 16 league games, they lead the Premier League and are among the top contenders for the title. Klopp’s teams have looked much more consolidated than ever and special recognition should be given to their defensive prowess for the same.

And when it comes to Liverpool’s defense, one can’t help but mention the name of a certain 32-year-old, Virgil van Dijk. VVD was recently in the limelight on the internet. But not for his on-field defensive game but because of his off-field fashion game.

Recently, a video of Virgil Van Dijk surfaced on the internet showcasing an attire that instantly transported us back to the golden age of 90s streetwear.

We’re referring to a time when baggy and oversized clothes were all the rage and oversized silhouettes frequented the streets.

It was a time when fashion was influenced by hip-hop culture and raw hipster street cultures. In a recent appearance, Van Dijk effortlessly pulled off the vintage aesthetic look coupled with his contemporary swagger.

The photo featured the Dutch defender in baggy navy blue trousers. VVD paired them with an oversized checked shirt featuring blue and maroon stripes styled with a lapel collar.

The shirt was layered over a plain white round-necked t-shirt. He accessorized the attire with a pair of black sneakers boasting white soles—a quintessential 90s footwear choice that added a touch of sporty swagger.

Van Dijk also sported a classic black winter cap to complete the nostalgic ensemble. The relaxed fit and baggy overalls resembled something straight out of a Tupac Shakur music video, perfectly capturing the essence of 90s hip-hop fashion.

This hipster attire was certain to make waves on the internet. Some fans were deeply nostalgic, presumably reminiscing about their ‘good old days’ when it wasn’t just about slim-fit jeans.

However, it seems that the younger generation couldn’t relate solely to this fashion game. They’ve taken to social media to hilariously ridicule his dressing sense.

Some fans humorously suggested that VVD looked like he was headed to buy Linkin Park’s latest album and the new Tony Hawk’s skateboard game before catching a screening of American Pie 2 at the cinema.

These were all the rage in the 90s and supposedly the things for the cool kids of the street.

Others have pointed out that his attire makes him look like a model from a 90s Snoop Dogg video.

Some have hilariously pointed out how his appearance resembles a character straight out of the iconic video game GTA San Andreas.

Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying that Virgil van Dijk’s 90s vintage vibe is turning heads. So, the next time you’re looking for some sartorial inspiration, bear in mind the Liverpool defender’s oversized yet classy attire.