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Watch Zendaya Crack Up As Tottenham Fan Tom Holland Reacts To Meeting A Family Of Arsenal Fans

Watch Zendaya Crack Up As Tottenham Fan Tom Holland Reacts To Meeting A Family Of Arsenal Fans

Tom Holland and Zendaya are internet’s favorite relationship goals, from being co-stars to friends and now in a relationship, their love for each other have them supporting each other at every step of the way.

This even extends to their love of sports.

It is not a secret that Tom Holland is an ardent fan of Tottenham Hotspur. Holland have expressed his love for the club several times before even revealing that Son Heung-Min is his favorite player.

Recently Holland and Zendaya went to a children’s hospital to meet the children, hoping to cheer them up. Staying at hospital during this festive season can be a downer, so both Holland and Zendaya went around and cheered everyone.

This then led to both of them meeting a family and sending a video message to the people absent and at home.

Gracie and Mia were two people in the family who were not present but Holland and Zendaya took time to record a lovely video message to the girls. This wholesome moment was shared online by the family.

But what made this interaction more fun was the little joke that Holland made at the end of the video. He saw that the family was Arsenal fans and being a devout Spurs fan, he couldn’t stop himself from cracking a joke about the North London rivals.

“It’s a shame that everyone supports Arsenal, but let’s leave that aside. Much love and have a great day.”

Fans speculate Zendaya laughed at the joke meaning she now fully understands football references and that she is fully COYS (Come on You Spurs).

Both celebrities have kept a low profile when it comes to their relationship, only making appearances here and there for charity purposes. They never discuss the relationship for the media.

Then you have moments like these videos where they as couple show the love and compassion, they’re capable of.

Fans of football and casual fans of their have applauded them for their kind gesture. They also showed their support for their growing, maturing relationship.

Others who seem happy are Spurs fans, who now have co-opted Zendaya as a full-on Spurs fan. Some joked turning Zendaya into a Spurs fan is Tom’s greatest achievement.