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Look: Former Tottenham Duo Reunite in the Streets of London

Look: Former Tottenham Duo Reunite in the Streets of London

Former Tottenham players Érik Lamela and Sandro Raniere reunited in the streets of London on the eve of Champions League night. The Brazilian midfielder took to Instagram to post a photo of himself and his former Argentine teammate revealing their meetup.

The fiery duo played together for the English Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur for a year in 2014, before Sandro left the club for a Second-tier English football side, QPR. The two Tottenham midfielders had their brotherly relationship continued as they met again in the streets of London.

Érik Lamela, currently playing for the La Liga side, Sevilla FC, is here in England to compete in the group stage of the Champions Leagues, against Spurs’ NLD rivals Arsenal. On the other hand, Sandro Raniere recently announced his retirement this September via a video on Instagram.

From then on, the 34 years old former Brazilian player has been enjoying his life watching numerous Premier League games from the stands. The former Tottenham duo took this opportunity to catch up after a long time.

Sandro posted a photo of their meetup in his Instagram story that captioned “Long time my friend” and “Lovely to see you again”. He also tagged Érik in the story and described him as “Hermanos” which is a Spanish term for ‘Brothers’.

Moreover, he concluded the story with their famous saying ‘COYS’. ‘COYS’ is a popular acronym for the phrase “Come On You Spurs” among the Tottenham supporters.

Erik also responded to this by reposting Sandro’s story and adding “Nice to see you again my bro”, and “Ready for tomorrow”. Neither did he forget to mention “COYS”, showcasing their mutual love for their former team in white.