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Watch: Tottenham fans troll the Emirates live on Sky Sports before the opening ceremony of their new stadium

Welcome to a time where the internet trolls have taken over the footballing world. A much more light-hearted, quick-witted and humorous time in football. The “Banter” era.

There really are only two teams that come to mind that love taking jabs, if not full-on blows at each other: Arsenal and Tottenham. This rivalry goes back a long time. Most notably, history favors Arsenal who have had the better of Tottenham, winning the league at the old White Hart Lane, the Sol Campbell controversy, Tottenham’s capitulation and Arsenal finishing above them when Leicester won the league; all these events are tough pills to swallow for a Spurs fan.

For Spurs however, recent history seems to be in their favor. With much improved performances and a squad with the potential to be title contenders, paired with Arsenal’s lackluster and inconsistent performances and transition phase problems after the Wenger Era, Spurs are rising to the challenge. And watching Spurs move into a new stadium must be itch to deal with for the Gooners.

So, it was only a matter of time before one of them took a shot at the other. In a video doing the rounds on the internet, Spurs fans are seen taking every opportunity to troll bitter rivals Arsenal. The video clip shows live coverage from sports media giants, Sky Sports, at the opening day of Tottenham’s new stadium.

In the video, as fans enter the new stadium for the first time, they were asked for their thoughts on the new stadium. One of them took the opportunity to fire shots at Arsenal’s stadium, saying that their new stadium is better than the Emirates.

The Emirates, which was at the forefront of architectural design during it unveiling seems to have succumbed to the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium (in the eyes of Spurs fans, at least), with the new stadium able to house more fans than the Emirates.

Spurs will be hoping that the new stadium will bring them new fortunes and silverware. They will also look to put behind any fears of replicating Arsenal’s change in fortunes since they moved from Highbury, having not won the league since their shift to the Emirates. And signs look great for the whites of Tottenham as they cruised to a 2-0 win at their new home against Palace.

With Tottenham coming to prominence and results favoring both sides fairly evenly in recent years in fixtures between Arsenal and Spurs, what do you think? Is North London red, or is it white? Irrespective of any talks of a “power shift”, the future looks bright and beautiful for Tottenham.