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Spurs-daft Lord Sugar fails miserably in his attempt to troll Arsenal fans on Twitter

Spurs-daft Lord Sugar fails miserably in his attempt to troll Arsenal fans on Twitter

Football Twitter is arguably one of the best forums on the internet for bantering your rival clubs, though it might as well turn out to backfire against you if the narrative is not very well chalked out.

Lord Sugar, the famous British business magnate who also turns out to be a former Tottenham Hotspur shareholder for nine years and a supporter till date, recently dug a hole to bury his own grave: as his attempted banter against eternal North London rivals Arsenal backfired against him in one of the worst of ways.

The entrepreneur posted the picture of a Spurs kit in a Nike store in Sydney along with other teams’ kits which are also manufactured by Nike, in his recent tweet.

Sugar captioned the tweet by saying that he can’t find an Arsenal shirt in the store, which was hilariously obvious as it is Adidas who sponsor the London club and not Nike.

The tweet was received with a lot of amusement by Arsenal fans who weren’t shy to take the mickey out of the failed attempt at banter.

Lord Sugar is a British business magnate, media personality, politician, and political adviser. In 1968, he started what would later become his largest business venture, consumer electronics company Amstrad.

After a take-over battle with Robert Maxwell, Sugar teamed up with Terry Venables and bought Tottenham Hotspur in June 1991.

Although Sugar’s initial investment helped ease the financial troubles the club was suffering at the time, his treatment of Tottenham as a business venture and not a footballing one made him an unpopular figure among the Spurs fans.

In Sugar’s nine years as chairman, Tottenham Hotspur did not finish in the top six in the league and won just one trophy, the 1999 Football League Cup.