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Ian Wright Makes Lord Sugar Look Like a Fool By Wearing Pink Polo on MOTD

Ian Wright Makes Lord Sugar Look Like a Fool By Wearing Pink Polo on MOTD

Arsenal loves a kit release. That may seem like a vague sentence at first, but in truth, the Gunners alongside sponsors Adidas are known for frequent apparel drops, so much so that Arsenal were handed the nickname ‘Merch FC’ by fans online.

And more often than not, you won’t hear complaints from fans, as the duo rarely miss. 

Their solid track record avoided a smudge this year as well, as all three kits are equally eye-catching, and also offer something for everyone. 

The home kit sticks the landing through a traditional and classic look, while the fan-favourite away variant brings forward the much-loved black/gold colour scheme. The 2 kits make Arsenal’s collection one of the best in Europe this season, by offering up classic and opulent designs. 

While these two stuck to tried and tested formulas, the third kit is quite bold, and it understandably divided opinion upon its unveiling. 

Using a light pink shade at the forefront was always going to attract naysayers. Nevertheless, the kit is certainly a breath of fresh air and one that you won’t see very often. 

Among the critics was none other than business magnate Alan Sugar, who also happens to be a Spurs fan. ‘The Apprentice’ host chimed in with his opinion on Twitter as Arsenal played the season-opener against Crystal Palace, and said, ‘Pink shirts! I wonder if Ian Wright would have played in a pink shirt.’

The retrogressive mentality, paired with him unnecessarily tagging the Arsenal Legend led to heavy criticism by fans online. His hypocrisy was soon exposed as pictures of him sporting pink shirts quickly began popping up. 

The ultimate jab arrived a bit later, and it was delivered by Ian Wright himself, in the most effective manner possible. 

Wrighty appeared on BBC’s Match Of The Day soon after Sugar’s comments, and to everyone’s surprise, was seen wearing a bright pink polo. Not only did he devastate Sugar in one swift move, but he also looked good doing it, and hence thoroughly rubbished the Spurs fan’s notion.

The 58-year-old’s antics provided another reason for fans to hail him as a true legend. Despite being a Gunner through and through, Wrighty is loved by even rival fans, who simply can’t help but appreciate the former Arsenal man’s personality.